aka Top Secret

  • I live in Top Secret
  • I was born on June 26
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
CNCR Nick Parker

"Could've done it left-handed."

Short Bio.

Name: "Classified"

Nationality: Vietnam

Age: "Classified"

Favourite C&C game: RA2+YR (because it's the first C&C game i play), Renegade (because Nick Seymour Parker is cool and badass), Generals+ZH (because it's unique), TibWars+KW and RA3+Uprising (because they still use the same basic gameplay of the "C&C Franchise" with some improvements).

Least favourite C&C game: TibTwilight (Because it's not like previous C&C games).

Favourite Game Unit: Mammoth, Apocalypse and Overlord Tank (Do i need to explain?), Prism Tank and Nuke Cannon (my favourite siege unit).

Least Favourite Game Unit: All units in TibTwilight

Favourite Faction: All playable factions in series

Least Favorite Faction: All GDI and Nod class in TibTwilight


This User has pledged his allegiance to the GDI.

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