aka BoiledKittens

  • I live in an Orange
  • My occupation is painted Red
  • I am Blue

I like

  • Dual-usage flanking/anti-air units, like the Stealth tank, Pitbull or Multigunner
  • Dual-usage anti-infantry/anti-air units, like the Quad Cannon or Gattling tank
  • Tanks
  • Stealth Units, again such as the Stealth Tank
  • Powerful initial attack, such as the Vertigo bomber
  • Anti-missile units, such as the Avenger and Paladin Tank
  • Artillery
  • Scrin Units
  • Amphibious RA3 Units, specifically the Assault Destroyer and Stingray
  • Defenses
  • Anti-ground/Anti-air multirole aircraft, like the Raptor and MiG
  • Infantry
  • All variants of Tanya
  • All Red Alert and Generals Commandos.
  • Allied Naval Units
  • Pretty much any Generals unit
  • Pacifier FAV
  • TibSun cyborgs
  • Yuri units

I dislike

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