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  • I live in November City, Osean Federation
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Procrastinating
  • I am a sleep-deprived humanoid
Private "JFX" Div. 141
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41st Mechanized Division of the North Eastern American Seaboard (GDI)


Intel Officer of the EVA Database as of 2030


Second Lieutenant

Armour Superiority
- Mammoth tank

PrivateJFX141 is a C&C fan since 1999. As a child, his first C&C game was Command & Conquer: Red Alert, and later preceded to play the sequel, Red Alert 2. However, it wasn't until 2003 that he knew about the Tiberium Universe and the Generals Universe, eventually playing Tiberian Sun, Renegade and the Generals demo through the Command & Conquer Collection.

PrivateJFX141 currently owns all C&C games, excluding Sole Survivor and Tiberian Twilight (obviously). He currently plays Zero Hour, Twisted Insurrection and the Mental Omega mod for Yuri's Revenge. He prefers Art of Defence maps and being a support role instead of the usual multiplayer games, because, well, he gets stomped by tank spam.

Canadaflag This user is Canadian.
Gdi logo-1- This user pledged his/her allegiance to the Global Defense Initiative.
"Welcome back, commander"
RA2 Black Eagle Icons This user's favourite Red Alert unit is the Black Eagle.
"Let's take 'em out!"
YR Gameicon This user's favorite C&C game is
Yuri's Revenge.


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