Sank Your Battleship

aka El Coronel González

  • I live in Nueva Extremadura, around the coastal hills.
  • I was born on May 2
  • My occupation is drawing stuff, and imagine weird shit along the way.
  • I am a adept arranging for mother VOLCANO BAKEMEAT


Good day, stranger, and welcome to this piece of wiki that was assigned for my own whims AKA my profile. Stay as much as you want, there are cookies and chocolate milk and salad and meat pie in the table, take as much as you can eat and chug. Just stay away from the big crate in the corner. Or else we'll all go to God.

I just joined this information collective because an automated message told me to. I'll mostly do spellcheck, and may or may not add actual content if I ever feel like it. I'm rather new at this, don't push me just yet.

That's all I can think of putting here. It's been a nice visit, now care to leave now? Any additional comments? Ok, thxbai ttyl.

And yes, I'm an Aspie. Got a problem with that?

Visit my art gallery.

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