Profile. 242585


Current alias: Sieben

Fraction: Brotherhood of Nod

Rank: Black Hand Sniper

Speciality: Sharpshooter, Sabotage

Brotherhood recruitment: Around 2033


Intel suggests that the Nod sniper know as Sieben, was recruited around the start of the 3rd Tiberian War. Know to be highly loyal to the Brotherhood and it's ideals, will lay down life if it means the success of the mission. An accomplished sniper, Sieben is wanted by GDI for numerous accounts assination of GDI officers and commanders.

Editing: Sieben will usually work on grammar, cleaning up pages and stuff like that.

Status: To busy playing RA3.

Karate Dancing This user break dances for a living.
NodLogo This user has placed his immortal faith in the Brotherhood of Nod. Hear the words of Kane!
RedAlert3Soviet1 avatar This user pledged his allegiance to the Soviet Union.


C&CWiki Medal of the GDI,USA,Allied Thank you.


You have proven to be a valuable EVA-Intelligence editor.

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