Apocalypse 2

Another Apocalypse has arrived

Greetings Comrade

Hey everyone, i've been editing for quite a while now but i have finally made an account. And there's nothing stopping me from cleaning up this wiki


  • To help this wiki improve.
  • To help any-other CNC wiki improve

There's is another red alert 2 wiki I'm improving

This user has pledged his allgiance to:

  • The Soviet Union (CNC RA2)
  • The People Republic of China (CNC Generals)

USSR+PRC= Invincible Red Army!


  • CNC RA Series, and tactics, characters and units.
  • CNC Generals, tactics and units
  • Computers

USSR Role:

Name: Classified

Rank: Field Marshall, Commander of the Black Guard

Base Of Operations: Stalingrad, Russia.

Role: Advanced technology developments for TANKS!

China Role:

Name: Classified

Rank: 5 Star General

Base of Operations: Base Dragon (Warsaw Poland)


Apocalypse 1 800

The almight Apocalypse Tank


The old rivals

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