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  • I live in Poznań, Poland
  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is Curse Wiki Manager
  • I am Male
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<center>If you come here to seek a GDI ally, you came to the wrong place.
Document opened, profile file for shaur Mikael Grizzly
Discard the lies.
See the truth.
Name: '''#CLASSIFIED by Namil Internal Affairs Security Enforcement Division#'''
Join the Brotherhood.</center>
Assumed name: Mikael Stalav Alexen Grizzly
Date of birth: 18/04/1988 2215
Current status: Student of law, UAM
==Notes on subject==
Fiercely interested in the [[Command & Conquer]] series:
* [[Command & Conquer: Red Alert]]
* [[Tiberian Dawn]] and [[Command & Conquer: Renegade|Renegade]]
* [[Tiberian Sun]]
* [[Tiberium Wars]]
And loves writing and rewriting articles on it, with the [[Temple of Nod]] as his favourite, which was, unfortunately, vandalised by Proto, the admin on Wikipedia.
Other fierce interests include Half-Life and Fallout, as well as history, modern day politics, writing, music, reading, diving (certified Advanced Open Water Diver), yachting (certified sailsman), firearms and Mountain Dew. Military technology and historical military organisations, especially order-like ones like the Waffen-SS are also of interest to him.
==Personal quote==
''Life has no meaning. This is the ultimate freedom, freedom to shape your destiny.'' <center>--Jerik Azarel, Prophet of the Taghar Brotherhood</center>

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If you come here to seek a GDI ally, you came to the wrong place.

Discard the lies.

See the truth.

Join the Brotherhood.
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