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Battle of the Units

This is where every week, I put up a poll-based "battle" between two units from various Command & Conquer games. No, this isn't totally original- I got the idea from the Final Fantasy Wikia's "Dragon's Neck Colosseum" (which can be found here, don't mess with anything there if you aren't a registered user of it (or at least know what's going on there) first, please; I don't want to end up banned from it.)

You vote for whichever unit you think would win, or whatever your reasons are, for the unit you want to win. You, of course, should follow the rules of (Allied) democracy- only vote once. If you want to suggest something, leave a message on my talk page. And, yes, I can vote; just because I created the poll doesn't mean I can't vote on it. If I feel like it, I will.

Current Battle: X-66 Mammoth Tank vs Canderous Assault Tank (Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption)

The last word in slow-moving indestructible death goes up against Petroglyph's subtle reference to Command & Conquer found in Empire at War: Forces of Corruption.

Mammoth Tank vs Canderous Assault Tank

The poll was created at 02:01 on July 23, 2009, and so far 11 people voted.

Previous Battles

Shinobi vs Black Hand - Winner: Shinboi, 2-1
Tesla Coil vs Obelisk - Winner: Tesla Coil, 2-0
TW1 ORCA vs GWII MiG - Winner: MiG, 1-0.

About me

I have important mission!
- Boris

First, ignore the random quotations if you want. I do not, for example, have an important mission, it just seemed funny to start with that.

Important things to say...

1) I have played (and completed all the campaigns in) EVERY Command & Conquer game except:

a) both of Red Alert's expansions, Counterstrike and The Aftermath
b) C&C 3: Kane's Wrath expansion
c) RA3: Uprising
d) the Allied and Imperial campaigns in RA3 (give me a month or so and they'll be finished too.)

2) I can, and do, make mods. I just don't finish them well enough to put them on the Internet, so don't go looking. If that changes, I'll say so.

3) (And I say this on all my userpages) The Answer is 42.

Other random things inspired by even more random things

(Or, Random Table-Based Lists of what I think was best or worst)

Warning: Nuclear launch detected.
- Player's advisor, RA2/YR/C&C3/RA3


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Overall GDI Ion Cannon (TW3) Soviet Nuke (RA2/Yuri's Revenge Proton Collider (RA3) Nod Multi-Missile (TW2) (For sheer lameness)
Space-Based GDI Ion Cannon (TW3) Magnetic Satellite (not really a superweapon, but still...) GDI Ion Cannon (TW1&2) USA Particle Cannon ('cause Generals isn't really C&C, EA just named it that)
Missile-Type Soviet Nuke (RA2) Vacuum Imploder (Watching an aircraft carrier get ripped out of the sea is cool) Nod Nuclear Missile (TW3) Multi-Missile
Secondary Iron Curtain Chronosphere (RA2/RA3) Yuri's Genetic Mutator Nanoswarm
Other (not in space or a missile) Yuri's Psychic Dominator RA3 Psionic Decimator GWII Chronosphere Nanoswarm

Armor Superiority!
- Mammoth Tank Mark III


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Overall Mammoth Tank Soviet Dreadnought (RA3) Core Defender (Firestorm) TW1 Nod Buggy
Tank Mammoth Tank Mk. III Apocalypse Tank (RA2) Devourer Tank (TW3) M2 Bradley Light Tank
Light Vehicle Flak Track Stealth Tank I.F.V. (RA2) TW1 Nod Buggy
Infantry Flak Trooper (RA2/YR) Black Hand Heavy Weapons (for the Laser Chaingun) Mutant Marauder Rocketeer
Aircraft Firehawk Century Bomber MiG (RA) RA2 Harrier
Helicopter Nod Venom Kirov Airship (not a helo, but I'm putting it here anyway.) Original ORCA Cryocopter
Ship Soviet Dreadnought (all versions) Allied Cruiser (RA) Shogun Battleship RA Gunboat
Commando/Hero (the ones you can have only 1 of at a time) Boris Havoc (for the best sense of humor any of these characters has had) Yuriko Omega (replaced Ghoststalker when I realized he needed at least one hand to send a light tank flying) Tanya (for insulting Boris in Yuri's Revenge; airstrikes kick the crap out of C4 any day.)

My contributions

  • Changing most uses of "Template:Infobox Character RA2" to "template:CharBox" just before 21:32, 25 May 2009 (UTC).

Pages Created

# Pages Created: 5

Soviet MCV (GWIII) - The Soviet MCV article was for the RA3 one; I felt that the RA2 one also deserved mention.
Allied MCV (GWIII) - Same reason as GWIII Soviet MCV.
List of Renegade Music - Creating the category on music, and the lists of each game's music. Ditto for next three things.
List of Red Alert Music
List of Red Alert 2 Music

# Categories Created: 1


My favorite pages

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