This mysterious Mutant leader is codenamed "Typhoon" by GDI InOps, "Red Hawk" by Nod Intelligence, and "Commander/Subject S-9" by the Scrin. The moniker "The Kangaroo" was given to him by W3N reporters covering his exploits in the Australian Outback. The former Russian Intelligence Agency named him "Voskhod". To GDI commanders unlucky enough to have been operating in Asia-Pacific around the time that he was a Nod general, he is known as "The Hammer of Nod". To his Nod and Forgotten comrades, he is known simply as "The Marshal".

He is believed to have been born sometime in the 1990s in South-East Asia, just when Tiberium first made its appearance on Earth. Later, he was recruited into a local Nod splinter cell, rising to the rank of a Nod officer. According to his GDI contacts, Typhoon was stationed at one of the supply bases outside the Nod stronghold of Kuantan, Malaysia, when a Tiberium Silo exploded. Typhoon was exposed to near-lethal quantities of Tiberium and was mutated in the accident. He continued to serve with Nod in South East Asia for two more years, and became infamous due to his unorthodox tactics. It is believed that during Nod's chaotic days after the Battle of Sarajevo and the disappearance of Kane, he was responsible for the entire Nod operation in Indochina, despite his very young age and his mutations.

Typhoon soon came to the attention of a group Nod scientists, who clandestinely continued research into Tiberium mutations (a legacy from Project ReGenesis). Typhoon's intelligence network learned of the plan to kidnap him for study, and warned the Commander. Typhoon and a few loyal subordinates sneaked out of Kuantan and went underground. A couple of years later he surfaced in Australia, having taken control of a small renegade Nod splinter cell. This eventually became Typhoon's private mercenary army, and would come to include outlaws, deserters from regular armies and many mutants who were rejected by both GDI and Nod. Typhoon ran his operations from the shadows and built up good relations with the GDI in Australia, who hired Typhoon to eliminate threats and paid for his Tiberium research.

Eventually, Typhoon and his army pledged allegiance to Tratos and The Forgotten. Typhoon left his Asia-Pacific operations to his colleagues and subordinates, while he himself left for Africa. There he helped to build a Forgotten stronghold in what would become the Central African Red Zone. During the Second Tiberium War, Typhoon fought with GDI against Nod, and later with GDI and Nod against CABAL. Typhoon commanded the Forgotten forces in Africa and in Asia, but the full details of his operations are still classified.

In contrast with the views held by other mutants, including Tratos, he still held to the Nod belief that Tiberium is the next step in human evolution. However, he disagreed with Nod's method and fanaticism. His beliefs and operations turned many Forgotten members against him. In 2032, after Tratos' death, a squad of Mutant Commandoes were unsuccessfully sent to assassinate him in Bujumbura, Burundi, where Typhoon was meeting with local warlords.

Eventually, Typhoon was left in control of a large part of Central and East Africa, as well as some Forgotten bases in Australia, India and the Pacific Rim. The Marshal built his Headquarters on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, connected to the Indian Ocean via Zanzibar. Here, he experimented with new weapons from salvaged parts, and conducted his own research into Tiberium and Tiberium enhancement. He maintained close relations with GDI, and has many agents inside Nod.

Typhoon was one of the highest-ranking, if also one of the most elusive, members of what remained of the Forgotten during the Third Tiberium War. His African fortresses successfully held out against the Scrin onslaught, to the surprise of visiting GDI personnel. After the War, S-9 continue to study Tiberium, as well as Scrin bodies and artifacts left behind by the Scrin.

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