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  • I live in Mandug, Davao city, PHILIPPINE Isles
  • I was born on March 6
  • My occupation is Trainee Admin of the Wikia, Gamer, Student
  • I am male

This is My first wikia to edit. thanks to accept me. 

I am TheAlLieDComManDER of the Allied forces and the gamer of Red alert 2 and 3 my best units were: GI, SEAL,Tanya,Boris,Yuri,Conscript and brute.


The Formation of the Care Force.

My favorite pages

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  • DOTA

Corporate Leaders


THE LEADERS Of The Allies and The Soviets

All Leaders
  1. June- Soviet union-(Cuba)
  2. Quincy- Soviet Union-(Libya)
  3. Leo- Allied(Great Britain)
  4. Annie- Allied(France)

Corp officers

Clan members


For Allies, Soviet, Yuri, Empire

1. Allies

  1. Leo- Leading scout trooper
  2. Annie- Leutenant of the Skirmish Battles
  3. Cubby- Strategist of the French republic
  4. Jake- Naval Admiral, seal commando.: allied battle lab, naval shipyard

2. Soviet

  1. June - Commando of the Red Alert 3
  2. Quincy- Battle Analyzer, worker of the soviet battle lab
  3. Captain Hook- Chief Naval Officer
  4. Smee- Leading conscript trainer
  5. Le-Beak- Chief Communications

My Army- The CareBearS Republic

  1. Basic- Grunts, Heavy, Scouts, Medic, Engineer, Soldier
  2. Advanced Soldiers: avaiable at the Lighthouse- Jake, Cubby, Izzy, Funshine, Tenderheart
  3. Vehicles- Half-Trak, Grizzly tank, Flak IFV, V3 Rockets, Mirage tanks,
  4. Vessels- 396 submarine, V3 dreadnought, dolphins, amphibous transport, aegis cruiser,DV_ImperialSharkTank
  5. AirCommand: roarsville air command force, harriers, Henry, Cobby,

    Sign Submarine: DV_ImperialSharkTank

    The Composition of the Soldiers Consist of Crossed Allies

Soldier Positions

  1. Jake- Naval admiral of the allies
  2. Tenderheart- Close combat specialist
  3. Cubby- French Strategist
  4. Izzy- Air Technologist of the roarsville air command
  5. Funshine- Close- Mid range
  6. Frost- Ice Terrain Naval command
  7. Le Beak- Island Fort general
  8. Flynn- Commanding General of the Dessert
  9. TheAlLieDComManDER- The Supreme General Of The Allies


Ore Miners

An Care Ore Miner

I am good for close to mid range combat. I frequently used Sea and Air Strategy. But I am Very Skilled At Land Combat. sometimes I send Engineers to the Enemy base to have new structures and Finish it Quickly.

Red Alert 2


Early in a Skirmish Map I group the infantry and Vehicles for early harrasing units. I garrison infantry for fast destruction. My priority target was the Enemy's ConYard. I used sometimes the Surprise Tactic: Where you need Mirage tanks and a battle fortress


Early in a battle I trained Conscripts, Rhino Tanks to end the war

Red Alert 3


I Deployed Peacekeepers for Early attack waves. my signature vehicles are Guardian Tanks, IFV's. For my naval Strategy I spawn Assault Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers for the Late Game.


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