hi guys! I'm Yellow13. my real name is Patrick Roy (no not that one lol) and i've been playing C&C since roughly 2004 give or take with the C&C collection, then later generals, ZH and C&C 3. I'm also planning on getting RA3 as i played the beta as well. i played a lot of games, and i would consider myself to be a pretty good gamer. not that good that I'd be willing to practice ageist the best players int he world, but competent.

i also know a fair deal about some secrets to the games. (mostly Yuri's revenge and the early versions at that. these could have been fixed with later patches...)

but yeah. that's about it and all i can really think about putting here. I'll do what i can, and if you don;t like it, say something and I'll put it back the way it was. :)

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