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  • Privatejfx141

    C&C Wikias

    February 19, 2017 by Privatejfx141

    'ello folks. I haven't been as active for the past 6 months because of uni.

    Since there are a bunch of C&C wikis scattered and somewhat isolated across Wikia, I suggest we should have some sort of standardized footer in place for all of the wikis, with the footer linking to all C&C-based wikis. Which means we would need to contact the editors on the wikis that are still active (e.g. the Mental Omega wiki), just in case they don't think we're planning an awkward invasion of their sites.

    Here's a list I have managed to compiled of all the C&C-related wikis so far:

    • EVA Database - Command & Conquer Wiki

    • w:c:tiberium
    • w:c:generals

    • C&C Fanon Wiki
    • C&C Community Wiki

    • Mental Omega APYR Wiki
    • Rise of the Reds Wiki
    • Tiberium Essence Wiki

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  • Privatejfx141

    This is a speculative report I used to work on about the upcoming Command & Conquer (Generals 2). I decided to stop after the story section (because I was getting lazy), but I might continue expanding this.

    Speculative guide

    I've decided to organize myself a guide on all the new feature of the upcoming Command & Conquer (2013) / Generals 2 game. 99% of the credits goes to Alex06, several C&C forum members, and CNCSaga into providing information for the upcoming game. This is currently all under speculation.

    As the original story goes: in the near future, world leaders are mere seconds from signing a global treaty and bringing an end to war as we know it when a devastating terrorist attack rips through the peace conference, killing all in attend…

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  • Privatejfx141

    New C&C Forums

    June 4, 2013 by Privatejfx141

    As of last night, the official forums is currently under maintenance, having to be changed to a new layout.


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  • Privatejfx141

    I've made two simple comparison wallpapers, one comparing the overall vehicles from Generals 1 to Generals 2, and the other comparing the units of China to the units of the APA.

    EDIT: EU and GLA wallpapers are done!

    • Forum thread:
    • CNCNZ post:
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  • Privatejfx141

    I would like to stress my opinions on the current name change of Generals 2 to Command & Conquer Free to Play. When I first heard that Generals 2 is now free-to-play, I knew this is going to happen. Then I heard no single-player at launch. I was disappointed. And then I heard Generals 2 will be now called "Command & Conquer", and I was p*ssed off. To this day, even though I knew Command & Conquer will be a platform and I am looking forward to the new game, I am still whining about the change of the title.

    Calling a game after the franchise and the first game will cause massive confusion to new players of the game, in which go could so far into tearing the C&C community apart. We already have a game called "Command & Conquer", also know as "…

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