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  • Tagaziel

    GamesCom has come and gone, but has left a few goodies, including a trailer for campaign missions in Generals 2, pardon, Command & Conquer!

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  • Tagaziel


    November 8, 2011 by Tagaziel

    I've been datamining the Internets for the past few days and I return with UPDATES!

    First, something that should've been done a while ago: the entire GDI Style Guide for Tiberium has been digitized and uploaded to the Wiki for your perusal.

    Second, attendees of the Games Convention in Leipzig might recall him, here's Ralf Zillmann's Commander Simon Drake, a staple of the Tiberium Wars release party in Cologne and the two Games Conventions in Leipzig.

    Last, and probably least, data mining uncovered a ten year old iteration of something called the C&C Bible, penned by John Scott Lewinski. While the bits of information relating to characters appearing in Tiberian Sun sound quite credible and can be assumed to come from design documents, the Scri…

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  • Tagaziel

    As Kotaku reports, a new official C&C website has been briefly made available on the Internet, but taken offline soon after. According to the website, the new C&C title will be developed by Jon Van Caneghem's Victory Games. An interview on the website with Caneghem stated that:

    Stay tuned for more news! And thanks to Ausir for his vigilance!

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  • Tagaziel

    Tiberium covers

    February 16, 2011 by Tagaziel

    It's a slow time for Command & Conquer news, so I've done some digging on Tiberium. Here's the result:

    These are all potential covers for Tiberium, as created by Blind graphic design company. Enjoy!

    Note: The fugly Xbox 360 strip at the top has been removed for your viewing pleasure.
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  • Tagaziel

    Wiki update

    November 21, 2010 by Tagaziel

    Since we had a mandatory update to Oasis, the navigation of the site has been revamped. Please comment if you run into any problems you can't fix with a page edit or if pages are unreachable.

    On a brighter note, the Wiki now contains over 50 images more, scrounged up from pages and portfolios of artists who worked on various aspects of Command & Conquer games (most of them are from Tiberium Wars, although a priceless beta harvester scan was kindly provided to the community by dauntless trooper Nyerguds).

    New images are added daily, so this is not the end, far from it!

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