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The V3 rocket launcher is a Soviet artillery vehicle in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.

Official description

The V3 Rocket Launcher is the closest thing the Soviet army has to artillery. While physically weak and easily destroyed, the V3 is capable of tremendous devastation. It launches very powerful, long-range rockets that can cause huge amounts of damage to whatever they hit. A great support weapon, the V3 Rocket Launcher is too vulnerable to lead an assault.
- Red Alert 2 manual(src)

Game unit

Of all the main siege units, the V3 launcher has by far the longest range and damage per shot. An elite V3 can obliterate most structures in one to four shots, and mass groups of them can overwhelm all but the most overtly reinforced base defenses, especially since they are the only primary land based siege unit capable of firing upon the Grand Cannon from outside its range. V3 launchers have no problem shooting targets at different elevations (higher or lower ground).


It is unable to protect itself at close range, and can be destroyed very quickly by pretty much anything that can fire on it. Due to improvements in targeting technology (and lack of speed produced by rocket booster) by the time of the Third World War, it was possible for the rockets to be shot down mid-flight. Interestingly, the missiles moved in a ballistic trajectory, not a conventional launch-level-dive attack, which in effect lengthened the delivery time, allowing AA defenses to mow down the missiles before reaching the target. To solve this, it is wise to escort V3 rocket launchers with tanks.


There is a glitch in V3's flying mechanics. When a group of V3 launchers is shooting at a single target, it is possible that a single V3 rocket may deviate from the target, keep flying upward until it leaves the theater screen, clearing some area from its fog of war. This may have something to do with V3 missile stacking limits.

Another glitch happens when a V3 is ordered to attack any target within its range, provided that the V3 is not facing the target's direction. At the exact moment the V3 faces towards the target (the rocket is not launched yet), order the V3 to go anywhere (even to the edge of the map) and let it stop there. The V3's rocket will automatically launch and the missile will head towards the target and even leaves the theater screen. If the V3 is facing the opposite direction where the target is, the rocket will turn and still head for it.

AI behavior

V3 launchers controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 2x targeting base defenses


  • 2x targeting base defenses, accompanied by 2 Flak Tracks


  • 3x targeting base defenses, accompanied by 2 Tesla Troopers and 2 Flak Tracks


V3 launchers were widely used in the Soviet invasion of the United States. A number of them were deployed to besiege New York City in the beginning of the attack and were responsible for the destruction of the Statue of Liberty. They had since been seen in every Allied mission as they attempted to dislodge Allied positions, often without success.

RA2Sovietlogo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.

In the non-canon Soviet campaign, V3 launchers were first deployed during Operation: Big Apple, where they assisted in reaching the Allied battle lab between the Twin Towers. It remained to be a valuable weapon in the commander's arsenal for the rest of the campaign.


In the alternate timeline, the V3 launcher was succeeded by the V4 rocket launcher, which combined the missile trajectory of the V3 and the V2's characteristic of enemy AA being unable to shoot down the launched missile.


Note: in Red Alert 2, the V3 rocket launcher shares its quotes with the Rhino heavy tank.

When selected

  • Ready for launch!
  • Armed for destruction!
  • Rockets fueled and ready!
  • V3 launch unit!
  • Let's keep our distance.

When moving

  • Advancing to new location.
  • Moving to new launch site.
  • Not too close, please!
  • Repositioning!

When ordered to attack

  • Missile launch confirmed!
  • Trajectory set!
  • We have ignition!
  • Sending air mail!
  • Warhead primed!



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Alpha cameo:
CNCRA2 V3 Rocket Launcher Alpha Cameo.png


  • In reality, while the V2 was a German V-weapon, known in the original German as Vergeltungswaffen, the V3 was a supergun designed to fire on Allied cities in WW2.
  • In the cutscenes, the V3 launchers are played by modeled after real-life SA-2 SAM missile launchers.
  • Boomer's, Dreadnought's and V3's missiles are not regular game Projectiles, they're actually just suicide-AircraftTypes fired at the target and spawned by their units much like Hornets and Ospreys are spawned by Aircraft Carriers and Destroyers; only difference is those last two are set to return to their spawners, the Missiles aren't.
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