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VQA or Vector Quantized Animation is Westwood Studios' proprietary file format for full-motion videos. The format uses a compression technique, called Vector Quantization, in order to store movies on a single CD. VQAs are used in a number of games developed by Westwood with varying modifications.[1]

Since Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, FMVs use the more standard Bink Video format.

Games using VQA

Community tools


VQAtoAVI is a tool created by Tim Kosse from PlanetCnC, originally developed to convert the VQA movies of most Westwood games into playable AVI files. Later versions added new features for the tool to handle MIX and AUD files, namely:

  • a MIX viewer
  • an AUDtoWAV converter
  • an AUD player
  • the ability to convert MIX files into ZIP files


VQA Encoder

The VQA Encoder is a tool created by UGordan from Project Perfect Mod that can convert video material into Westwood's proprietary VQA cutscene format.


External links

  • VQA at the MultimediaWiki


  1. Ugarkovic, Gordon, 5 March 2004. Westwood Studios' VQA (Vector Quantized Animation) Files.
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