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Vancouver is a major coastal city in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Tiberium Universe

The whole city and its homeland was swamped with a Yellow Zone by 2042. However, the Global Defense Initiative secured Canada as a major affiliator and key member of the G8 with NATO in their own hands.

Red Alert Universe

Vancouver was another target for the Soviets to transform their government in overthrowing Canada's government. US Commanders quickly sent a commando team to hit a Construction Yard that was believed to be the stronghold just like in Mexico City. By then, the Allies have Vancouver back in their hands. By the time of Operation: Last Chance in Great World War III, President Michael Dugan of the Americans with General Carville had escaped to this country and established exiles in most of Canada, but this city became the main headquarters for the exiled American government and military leaders. By the end of Operation: Liberty, all American leaders and Commanders returned home to Washington DC. In the War of the Three Powers, the American military was exiled in Canada after Rage of the Black Tortoise in Hollywood led to a cause of Ackerman being a cyborg by the Empire of the Rising Sun.

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