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We must look our best when the Brotherhood comes to call.
- Vega before executing Peter Tao

Vega was a drug lord and Brotherhood of Nod general during the Second Tiberium War.


Vega controlled most of the major Nod factions in the Western hemisphere. His Eastern hemisphere counterpart was general Hassan.[1]

Vega was also a druglord dealing in "Eye Candy"[2], to which he was also addicted.[3]

Vega's brother, Javier, joined GDI.[4]

CC Novel Cover.jpg The following is based on the spin off novel by Keith R. A. DeCandido and might contradict canon.
Tib Gameicon.png The following is based on the cancelled game TIBERIUM and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Vega's nephew, Ricardo, was a prominent GDI soldier, and later Forward Battle Commander.


Vega secretly allied with Kane in the years prior to the Second Tiberium War[3]; at the time, Kane was long thought dead by most of the world and was operating from hiding.[5] Vega's main base of operations was in Honduras, built on an island around an old pre-Columbian pyramid.[3] Its main power came from a hydroelectric dam in southern Mexico.[6]

The outbreak of war

As Kane revealed himself and galvanized GDI, Vega's forces launched a surprise attack on Phoenix Base.[7] Vega was on hand to personally execute Tao, the base's commander.[8]

However, the rest of the Second Tiberium War went badly for Vega. The general was ordered to secure a Nod First Tiberium War-era "alien warship" from near the Sarajevo Temple and return it to Kane in Cairo. Instead, Vega commandeered it to settle an "old score" in South America and ended up crash landing in the southern United States.[9] This error was compounded by GDI's subsequent capture of the ship[10], although much of the technology was salvaged by Nod.[9]

Perhaps when McNeil arrives to kill you, you will take sometime to learn from the man. I'm sure he'll teach you lessons you'll carry for the rest of your life, which, by the way, is about seven minutes.
- Kane

Tratos, the Forgotten leader, was rescued by GDI from Nod. In return, the Forgotten gave GDI the location of Vega's base. An assault led by GDI Commander Michael McNeil overran the base. Vega's appeals for reinforcements fell on deaf ears; Kane was displeased with the general and opted to destroy the base with a nuclear missile. With no way to escape, Vega overdosed on Eye Candy and died after a brief interrogation at the hands of Commander McNeil.[3]



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