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The Velociraptor (Latin for "Swift Thief") was a species of dinosaurs claimed to have been encountered during the First Tiberium War. It was a very fast unit, and a large group of them could quickly overwhelm an enemy army.


As it existed on an entirely separate continent as the other reported dinosaurs, scientists are skeptical that they were seen together, in modern times. Reports of size were also widely exaggerated, as velociraptors were significantly smaller than a man (though relative species, such as the Utahraptor, could grow about two-meters in height). Raptors were fast, agile predators that hunted in packs, like modern wolves. Of all the reported dinosaurs, scientists assume that only raptors would have the necessary intelligence to coordinate a hunt, though recent evidence suggests that the Tyrannosaurus Rex too was capable of this. Unlike larger carnivores, raptor jaws were not their primary way of subduing prey; rather they had large curved claws on their hind legs, capable of immense damage.

Game unit[]

Their speed made them an ideal scout, and also for rushing into the weak point of an enemy base. In numbers, the velociraptor could rush an advanced guard tower or an Obelisk of Light and tear it to the ground quickly while suffering only minor casualties.


Like all dinosaurs, this creature had no anti-air defense and could be easily killed by an Orca team. It also had trouble dealing with heavily armored vehicles such as the Mammoth Tank or Flame Tank.

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