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For other uses, see Venom.

Venom craft ready for liftoff.
- Venom

The Venom was an anti-infantry and anti-air aircraft used by the Brotherhood of Nod in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and its expansion, Kane's Wrath.


The Brotherhood of Nod must be vigilant in its efforts to encroach on GDI. To this end, it developed the Venom Patrol Craft to effectively keep watch over vast reaches of land. Venoms were equipped with rapid-firing machine guns that were lethal against enemy infantry and quite effective against aircraft and light vehicles as well. They were also equipped with mirroring equipment underneath, allowing Beam Cannons to reflect their beams off of them in order to hit distant enemies. These versatile craft could be further enhanced with laser weapons, supercharged particle cannons and radar disruption technology.

Game unit[]

The Venom is the anti-infantry aircraft and the air superiority fighter of Nod. They can be built from the Air Tower as soon as it's placed. With its price standing at $900, the Venom is slightly cheaper than its GDI counterpart, the Orca (costing $1100), and considerably cheaper than the Scrin Stormrider (costing $1500).

The Venom is very fast and quite agile, which makes it one of the best air scouts. Its twin machine guns fare very well against infantry and are respectably effective against light vehicles. One of the most important advantages the Venom has over the GDI Orca is being able to attack air units, which enables it to attack Orca units without fear of retaliation from them. When massed into a "death ball" of sorts, Venoms can prove nigh-unstoppable to most units and defenses. They are available to mainilne Nod forces and to the Marked of Kane - the Black Hand subfaction does not use aircraft, including the Venom.

While versatile and very multipurpose, the Venom possesses many weaknesses. It's very fragile, which makes it susceptible to anti-aircraft fire of all sorts, especially structures like the GDI AA Battery. It also falters when pitted against aircraft that can fire back - Stormriders and Firehawks make short work of Venoms. Its machine guns (even if upgraded) are ineffective against larger vehicles.

The mainline Nod faction can equip the Venom with Laser Capacitors to increase its firepower tremedously; the Marked of Kane opt for Supercharged Particle Beams to increase the Venom's rate of fire and damage. In addition, they can be upgraded with Signature Generators, which allow a single Venom to appear as a large force on the minimap.

Venoms make great escorts for units that lack anti-infantry and anti-air capabilities such as Avatars and the Redeemer.


CNCTW Signature Generators Active Cameo
Reflector Beam Nearby Beam Cannons can bounce their beams off of Venoms to hit distant targets, including enemy aircraft. The Venoms must be stationary and the Beam Cannons must be within range of a Venom of which to reflect their beams off.
CNCTW Signature Generators Cameo
Signature generator When activated, the Venom appears to be a large number of Venoms on the opponents' radars. This ability has a cooldown of 1 second. (Ctrl+F).


CNCTW Laser Capacitors Cameo
Spitfire laser capacitors

(Brotherhood of Nod only)

This upgrade replaces the minigun with a fast-firing laser that fires bursts that do 660 (Gun) damage per burst. Each laser burst takes 2.4 seconds to fire, with 0.5 seconds between each burst (Ctrl+S). Purchasable at any Tech Lab for a cost of $2500 and takes 1:15 to research.
CNCKW Supercharged Particle Beams Cameo
Supercharged particle beams

(Marked of Kane only)

This upgrade replaces the minigun with a white-hot particle beam that fires bursts that do 165 (Gun) damage per shot. Each shot takes 0.5 seconds to fire, with 0.1 seconds reload time (Ctrl+S). Purchasable at Marked of Kane Tech Lab for $3000 and takes 1:00 to research.
CNCTW Signature Generators Cameo
Signature generator Signature Generators allow the Venom to appear to be a large number of Venoms on opposing radars (Ctrl+S). Purchasable at any Air Tower for a cost of $100 and takes 0:10 to research.



When created[]

  • Venom craft, ready for liftoff!

When selected[]

  • Patrol craft.
  • What is it?
  • Go ahead.
  • On patrol.
  • Looking clear.
  • See anything?

When moving[]

  • Alright.
  • Yup.
  • Right.
  • Confirm.
  • Check!
  • Gotcha!
  • Copy that.
  • Heading there now.
  • Coordinates set.

When ordered to attack[]

  • Tracking target!
  • Closing in on him!
  • Confirmed, we're going in!
  • We have 'em on radar!

When attacking[]

  • Firing!
  • Take 'em out!
  • He's in our sight!
  • Sure thing!
  • Gun 'em down!
  • We've got 'em!

In combat[]

  • Don't lose 'em!
  • They're not going anywhere!
  • Keep on 'em!
  • How's it looking!

When retreating[]

  • Head back to repair!
  • Back to base, punch it!
  • Heading back!

When crashing[]

  • Venom going down!
  • We're losing pressure!
  • No!

Unused quotes[]

  • Let's see what we got!
  • Take a look!
  • Anything there!
  • Entering target data!
  • Prepare the coordinates!
  • Ready for target transfer!
  • Fire support, we've found your target!


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