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The V2 Venom chem sprayer[1] is a chemical weapon in Renegade.


Inspired by deadly misuse of a non-combat sprayer used to spread fertilizing chemicals on Tiberium fields[1], the V2 is a simple, but effective weapon. It is designed to spray Tiberium particulate from a can of pressurized Tiberium waste through a nozzle. The design is extremely simple and can be used even by unshielded personnel. The trigger is specifically designed for people in cumbersome hazmat suits, though.

Interestingly, these weapons are often carried by Initiates.


A simple, but effective weapon, the sprayer is deadly against unprotected humans-even ones wearing heavier armor will not survive long under the deadly gas of the weapon. At extremely close ranges, lightly-armored vehicles would quickly rot under the fumes if exposed to prolonged periods. Be careful, though! There is a chance that the target could mutate into a Visceroid!

However, it is next to useless against chem warriors, mutants, heavier vehicles or structures. As its range was pitiful, the wielder had to close in to point-blank ranges to maximize the damage done. The sprayer still a fun weapon to use, nonetheless.


The weapon in the release version of Renegade is different from early versions - the cans are located underneath the middle of the weapon, instead of around it and the nozzle is far shorter. The overall colours also different, with the final version having a much more industrial, utility look.


  • The in-game database describes the weapon as nearly-useless against vehicles, which is misleading. It is in fact, highly effective against vehicles.



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