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For other planes of the same class, see Vertigo.

The Vertigo, along with Firehawk, is one of the fastest units in the game. It has a long reload time, but this can be made quicker in the presence of a crawler. The Vertigo does not need to dock to reload.[1]


The Vertigo is the main bomber aircraft available to the Brotherhood of Nod Support Class. Unlike its predecessor, it is not stealthed by default and does not need to dock to reload. They do, however, reload 70% faster in the presence of a Nod Support Crawler (6 seconds near a Support Crawler, compared to 20 seconds without one). Also, again unlike its predecessor, it has absolutely no way of defending itself against other aircraft.

The Vertigo does, however, carry powerful incendiary bombs, which can create firestorms in large numbers. The bombs deal blast and flame damage, and are highly effective against large groups of light vehicles/infantry and structure.

Vertigos have Medium Aircraft-type armour, which is somewhat resistant to gunfire but is very vulnerable to missiles and rockets, especially to those of the Firehawk. However, when upgraded with Cloak Modules, Vertigos gain stealth and when they recloak after dropping their bombs, all rockets targeted at them will lose their lock-on.

Their GDI Equivalent is the Firehawk, which has air-to-air missiles in addition to bombs, but is not capable of being stealthed.


Vertigo is a flying bomber that is good at destroying buildings. Unlike the prototype Vertigo in The Third Tiberium War it is not mounted with any anti air weapon. Their armor is weak to rockets and other AA fire,but they are fast when using supersonic thrust. Vertigo Bombers can be upgraded with a cloak module which make them stealth until they are detected by a anti stealth unit or building or until they attack. They are good in large numbers and are a decent crawler killer. If their bombs combine they can make a devastating firestorm. Any player who uses these units must make sure to micromanage them properly and watch out for AA units.

An achievement can be earned if the player ignite's several firestorm with this unit.

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  • Vertigo, now in flight!


  • You've made the right choice!
  • Bomb bay door's ready to open!
  • Yes commander!
  • What is our business?!
  • Listening!
  • Vertigo Bomber!
  • I will deliver the message!


  • I concur!
  • Splendid!
  • Very well!
  • We all must do our part!
  • Yes of course!
  • Quite right!
  • At once!
  • At your behest!
  • In do time!
  • Vertigo on route!

Moving while Stealthed

  • We are but a shadow!
  • Little do they know!
  • Moving in stealth!

Using Supersonic Thrusters

  • Back to the crawler!
  • Returning to the crawler at once!

Attacking (Move to Attack)

  • They have no idea!
  • It is our turn now!
  • Target marked!
  • Watch as the rats scurry!
  • Begin the attack run!
  • How good of you to ask!
  • I will see it through!
  • Bombing run commencing!
  • Ready the ordnances!
  • Destroy them!

Under Attack

  • They attack like animals!
  • I won't hold up forever!
  • Ugh...treachereous swine!
  • Impudent fools!
  • We've been hit!


  • Aborting plan!
  • A wise choice!
  • Gladly!


Behind the scenes

The Vertigo bomber bears a striking appearance to the B-2 stealth bomber


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