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Victory Games (known as BioWare Victory in 2012) was a studio formed from Electronic Arts Los Angeles' RTS division for the purpose of developing future Command & Conquer titles, after the studio was split to two (the other half being Danger Close). It was headed by Jon Van Caneghem, the creator of the Might & Magic series. It was created in late 2010 under the name Victory Games, but was not introduced publicly until February 2011. The name was restored in November 2012, after the studio detached from BioWare along with Mythic.

On 29 October 2013, it was announced that EA cancelled development on Victory Games' Command & Conquer and shut down the studio due to "corporate politics and shenanigans".[1] [2]


The studio was working on Command & Conquer, which was due to release in 2013. The game was announced on 10 December 2011 during the Spike TV Video Game Awards as a standalone release called Command & Conquer: Generals 2 and was then confirmed that Victory Games was a part of BioWare and renamed BioWare Victory. The game was announced to be free-to-play on 15 August 2012, as part of the live service called Command & Conquer.

Other studios

Along with the Los Angeles studio, two other studios were mentioned during the announcement in 2011 - in Austin and Shanghai. Neither studio was ever mentioned again, meaning they were either reassigned to other divisions within Electronic Arts or were fully cancelled.


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