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Visceroids (misspelled as "viceroid" on the Sole Survivor cameo) are the results of uncontrolled, irregular Tiberium mutation.


Visceroids were disturbing creatures that sometimes form when organic life dies to Tiberium exposure. As flesh breaks down after death, it has the potential to mutate into a visceroid, a crude Tiberium-based lifeform. Visceroids often appeared to be blob-like masses of flesh that sometimes had a few recognizable features from those they once were left over within their structure, and were highly erratic in nature. Some types were even capable of combining their biomass to essentially make a larger Visceroid.

One of the first mutated creatures to appear, the Visceroid was encountered as early as the First Tiberium War in rare occurrences.

Originally roughly spherical in shape and capable of emitting only small clouds of toxic Tiberium gas, it was weak and not much of a threat. However, these unstable blobs of flesh soon evolved and became an actual threat, with the ability to expel a highly concentrated stream of toxic, Tiberium-based gas at other organic lifeforms as a defense mechanism, with the curious side effect of potentially turning their targets into Visceroids themselves as a result of lethal Tiberium exposure.

Visceroids could form as a result of all sorts of Tiberium-related death in the first war; troops and civilians alike could become visceroids by dying from Tiberium radiation, by being exposed to Tiberium-based weapons, or even as a result of accidental chemical exposure to the substance, such as from processed, stored forms of Tiberium.


Small arms weapons such as assault rifles and light machine guns were only marginally effective against Visceroids. In order to effectively counter Visceroids usage of explosive weapons such as rockets or grenades were preferable.


The Visceroid population is directly tied to levels of Tiberium poisoning. Tiberium gas is a corrupting agent, breaking down virtually any living tissue it comes into contact with. Long term exposure cannot be treated and causes a spontaneous breakdown of the affected tissues nearly instantly, as Tiberium saturation within them reaches a certain point.



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