Visceroid (Tiberian Twilight)

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CNC4 Gameicon.png
CC4 visceroid.png
Affiliation Forgotten
Role Suicide infantry
Armament Explode (Blast)
Hit points 150
Armor type Light
Cost 3 CP
Produced by Mutant Hovel
Suicide unit
Main article: Visceroid

Visceroids are the results of uncontrolled, irregular Tiberium mutation.

Game unit

Visceroids have a suicidal attack and a bomb can be seen attached to it. They are commonly encountered during single-player, where they will attack the player (but curiously not the player's enemies). They are extremely hard to kill, especially en masse, due to their quick speed and durable health. If a player manages to get a mutant hovel in their control, swarms of visceroids (Easy to attain at 3 command points per unit) can be used to take out vehicular defenses, or to soften up and possibly destroy a crawler. However, they are more vulnerable to gun-based units due to the fact that they have light armor. Their suicide packs deal blast damage, making them ideal for knocking out reinforced structures, including a Nod Obelisk of Light.

Typically, an infantry unit such as the Engineer can take one hit, but the second hit will kill the engineer, so it is generally a wise choice to make the visceroids attack armored targets if you must force them to attack you.

Visceroids cannot gain veterancy in the typical way for obvious reasons, but can be through the use of crates (Where they use GDI symbols). It is not wise to do so though, as even at heroic, a visceroid doesn't deal much more damage than normal, and dies upon its first attack.

Several achievements can be awarded by using the Visceroid to destroy a crawler.


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