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Visceroids are the results of uncontrolled, irregular Tiberium mutation.


Visceroids were disturbing creatures that sometimes form when organic life dies to Tiberium exposure. As flesh breaks down after death, it has the potential to mutate into a visceroid, a crude Tiberium-based life-form. Visceroids often appeared to be blob-like masses of flesh that sometimes had a few recognizable features from those they once were left over within their structure, and were highly erratic in nature. Some types were even capable of combining their biomass to essentially make a larger visceroid. One of the first mutated creatures to appear, the visceroid was encountered as early as the First Tiberium War.


The Scrin Corrupter, or rather, its Tiberium spray, was noted to create visceroids on occasion, an unintended side effect of the BC weapon. This does not occur in Kane's Wrath, despite the Corrupter's tooltip stating otherwise.

Despite the information in the unit's tooltip, the Corrupter does not cause visceroid spawning in Kane's Wrath. This is due to the lack of proper implementation of the DamageAndSpawnNugget function in Kane's Wrath.

After a Corrupter mutates enemy infantry into Visceroids, the Visceroids would go berserk and attack the corrupter that first mutated it, but does no damage. Eventually, they would 'calm down' and accept commands from the Scrin Foreman that mutated them. They deal only 50% of their normal damage to Scrin units, and no damage to corrupters. In Kane's Wrath code, their weapon will also not damage mechapedes, but this "friendliness" only applies to regular Scrin corrupters and mechapedes, not those of the Reaper-17 and Traveler-59 subfactions.


  • Tiberium Wars patch 1.05: can now be crushed
  • Kane's Wrath (released version 1.00): removed from corrupter attacks, removing all chances of a visceroid appearing in-game without manual addition on a map or modding.