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Vicious Circle is a Commander's Challenge mission after Dangerous Skies. When FutureTech comes to Panama, Giles Price meets the Commander again.

Commander Belova's arch rival plans to use strategic bombing and aerial bombardment to destroy the Futuretech Commander, but doesn't get this at the right time with the Harbinger Gunship when the Allied air supremacy is finally crushed to death and Giles retreated northwards to the North Atlantic.


Giles Price tells the Commander that his Harbingers will fly across and bombard his base sitting on the big mainland near Giles' two bases. FutureTech orders their Commander to get the Harbinger from him before Giles can have the chance to bomb FutureTech's base to rubble. The Commander destroys the two bases and Giles Price was left stammering for sure that left FutureTech to steal the last of the Allied Air Force's finest unit in the air.

Briefing Information

Strategies and Information

  • Giles' Harbingers approach in a very timid manner. Place your AA defenses nearer towards Giles' mainland base to keep them off you.
  • Capturing Giles' costal base will allow you freedom of the seas, and more importantly resources, to stage a two pronged attack on his remaining fortress.
  • Be sure to use Apollo Fighters, MiG, or Jet Tengus to clear the air for your attacking ground forces. He should fall pretty quickly.