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Vladimir's dreadnought is a unique version of a Soviet dreadnought used by General Vladimir. It was only seen once, firing missiles on Allied positions during the Soviet assault on an Allied naval base in Florida.

It is overall the same as the regular dreadnought, but its sensor has been improved, allowing it to have a wider line of sight. It is also noticably faster than a standard dreadnought.


From his command ship, Vladimir laid siege on the beachhead that was defended by the Allies. It mainly destroyed the pillboxes that would have otherwise been a problem for the Soviet conscripts. Once the landing force destroyed the Allied outpost, Vladimir targeted civilian buildings and resorts near the landing site. On one occasion, the dreadnought destroyed a resort that left a money crate behind.

Once the Soviets established their base, Lt. Zofia detected an Allied naval flotilla nearby. Vladimir recklessly ordered his ship to brazenly attack and destroy what he perceived to be a small and miniscule naval threat. However, the Allied destroyers outgunned Vladimir's dreadnought, prompting the ship to retreat and leave the Soviet commander to fend for himself.


Vladimir's dreadnought cannot be controlled in the mission. The dreadnought will not support the player a lot militarily after the MCV is deployed. Instead, the ship will fire at defenseless civilian buildings and retreat after facing Allied destroyers.

Vladimir's Dreadnought can be placed on a map and edited via INI editing.


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