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The Voice of Kane was a support structure deployed by the Brotherhood of Nod during the events of Kane's Wrath.


The Brotherhood of Nod had always seen the power in propaganda and persuasive speech. The Voice of Kane was developed to instill confidence and renew the faith of those who might waver. This was incredibly important in the Third Tiberium War, as a large portion of Nod's armed forces were volunteers who were drawn to the Brotherhood's promises of a better future instead of the inherently faithful soldiers they had deployed in the last war.

In addition to the broadcast of propaganda by the structure, the building itself was made in the likeness of Kane. The choice to make the statue look like their leader was likely to motivate Nod forces even further - or, perhaps, to remind them of the consequences of disobedience and betrayal of the Brotherhood.

Game Structure[]

Friendly infantry within the statue's area of effect radius receive a 50% rate of fire bonus, are 50% harder to suppress and receive a 25% armour increase over a range of 400. While on the other hand, enemy infantry are forced into suppression. Note that only one statue can be built at any one time per player.

The statue has the same effect as the Confessor Cabal buff; however it is roughly 2-4 times larger in terms of radius. As a result, they are most useful when attempting to hold a location, such as a base or a choke point, with massive hordes of infantry. The Voice of Kane's effect stacks on top of combat-improving upgrades, such as Tiberium Infusions and veterancy bonuses, which makes infantry within its radius a serious threat to all opponents who dare approach.

While the Voice of Kane is useful to all three Nod factions, it is especially so to the baseline Nod and the Marked of Kane (as the Black Hand have units, such as the Confessor Cabal and Purifier, who have a similar effect). The cheap and numerous Militant Squads used by Nod can be made more durable and harder to kill, stalling the enemy and irritating their commanders. The Marked of Kane can use this structure to boost their already fearsome cyborg infantry.

Unfortunately for Nod commanders in urban settings, the Voice of Kane does not affect garrisoned infantry. This also applies to troops stationed within Reckoner bunkers.




  • The Voice of Kane is the only structure that plays coherent voicelines when selected.
    • Fittingly, many of them have been spoken by Kane during Nod rallies or public messages.
  • Unlike other structures, the structure's "front" is not the same direction that the statue is facing, though this is only an aesthetic issue that does not affect the structure's omnidirectional effect.

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