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The Voice of Kane is a Brotherhood of Nod defensive structure in Kane's Wrath. It is a statue of Kane that broadcasts his teachings and inspires nearby Nod forces. It is similar to Chinese speaker towers from the Generals universe.

Game structure

Friendly infantry within the statue's area of effect radius receive a 50% rate of fire bonus, are 50% harder to suppress and receive a 25% armour increase over a range of 400. While on the other hand, enemy infantry are forced into suppression. Only one statue can be built at any one time per player.

The statue has the same effect as the Confessor Cabal buff, however it is roughly 2-4 times larger in terms of radius. Along with improved offensive and defensive capabilities, all infantry fire rate is slightly faster. The Voice of Kane is useful if a commander wishes to bulk load on infantry within their base, or use it in a choke point along with large swaths of infantry. The Voice of Kane buff works along with upgrades such as Tiberium infusion and ranks achieved through combat, allowing infantry within its radius to become a serious threat to all opponents who dare approach.

Unfortunately for Nod commanders seeking to use these structures, the Voice of Kane does not affect units garrisoned inside deployed Reckoner bunkers.



  • Rejoice, children of Nod!
  • Peace through power!
  • One vision!
  • One purpose!
  • Now is the time to strike!
  • The future is ours!
Join the cause of Nod! Brotherhood of Nod Third Tiberium War Arsenal Ascend!