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Von Esling Airbase is one of the major Allied air bases in Europe. In times of war, the airbase (and Iceland to an extent) would serve as a rendezvous point for US forces travelling to fight alongside its allies in Europe. The base is presumably named after the Allies' first Supreme Commander, Gunter von Esling.

Being an airbase, the Von Esling stronghold boasted numerous airfields stored with the whole Allied air arsenal. Apollo Fighters, Vindicators and Century Bombers made up the main military strength to raid enemy positions in the North Atlantic and Europe. The airbase is also defended by an infantry and armored division to repel land intruders, and even an Allied naval fleet guards the airbase from enemy naval attacks. As a last resort, the airbase is capable of deploying a Proton Collider against any attackers.


Third World War (third iteration)[]

RA3 Soviet logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 3 and might contradict canon.

After their loss of Geneva, the Allies were nearly pushed out of Europe completely by the Soviet Union, and the remaining forces retreated to Von Esling airbase.

The airbase was the Allies' last hold on Europe and Soviet Premier, Cherdenko ordered an annihilation of the base before it received reinforcements from the United States. An up-and-coming Soviet commander was tasked to accomplish this, supported by commander Oleg Vodnik and supervised by their arrogant superior General Krukov.

The Allied airbase was commanded by none other than Giles Price, a former RAF pilot and veteran who sent waves of the Allied air force against the Soviets. But just as the Soviets were about to destroy part of the airbase, Cherdenko ordered the Soviet commander to kill Krukov, who was apparently the mastermind behind the assassination attempt on Cherdenko.

As the Allies watched in awe of the Soviet infighting, Commander Giles ridiculed the Soviets' inability to tell who was on their own team and unveiled the airbase's superweapon - the Proton Collider. The Soviet commander managed to kill Krukov, destroyed the base's Proton Collider before it became online and wiped out the airbase, along with the majority of the Allied air force.

What remaining Allied air and naval forces retreated from the destroyed airbase to the United States, now the last bastion of Allied resistance. With the Allies losing their last hold on Europe, the only thing standing between the United States and the advancing Soviets was the Atlantic Ocean.

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