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The powerful, but simple in design and principle SDT-B Vulture pump action shotgun is the basic close quarters combat weapon in Renegade.


Widely used, the Vervack shotgun is an extremely potent weapon in close quarters combat. With a black synthetic stock and rust-resistant finish, it is a potent close combat weapon.[1]

However, it is useless against structures or heavily-armored vehicles.

Behind the scenes[]

  • During Renegade's development, the shotgun's model had been based on the AA-12, resembling more like the grenade launcher in-game.
  • The shotgun is not a usable weapon in the Renegade campaign. It only appears twice: first in in the mission Stowaway in the hands of some Nod officers and Black Hand soldiers, who drop healthkits instead of the weapon upon death, and secondly in Deadly Reunion wielded by a few civilian resistance fighters, who drop nothing upon death.



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