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Walls are a passive defensive barrier used by both the GDI and Nod in Tiberium Wars. Unlike previous games in the Tiberium series, walls cannot be built by players. A Scrin variation of the structure exists in the game but is left unused.


The concrete wall has seen service as a defensive barricade for almost a century. Simple and reasonably priced concrete was the main static defense for many bases since the First Tiberium War. They are vulnerable to explosive and cannon based attack, but their thickness barred C4 from effective use against them.

By the Third Tiberium War, walls had fallen out of general use. Though more permanent bases still use walls, they are no longer found in field bases, as MCVs no longer produce them.


  • It is likely that walls were intended to be buildable in Tiberium Wars early in development as the description for the Wall Hub (the circular sections from which lengths are built) clearly says “Enables wall construction”. This was likely an oversight. It is unclear why the ability to build walls was removed (especially as they remained in game in Red Alert 3) but this can, of course, be reinstated through modding.


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