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Bears in the water? They're so cute when they're dead!
- Tanya

The war bear is the Soviet anti-infantry combat scout in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and its expansion, Uprising.


You know, you are awfully moody for bear.
- Conscript talking to a war bear at Mt. Fuji(src)

The brown bear (ursus arctos) is a large and powerful land mammal, found across North America and Eurasia. It is a symbol of the Soviet Union and, during the Third World War and the Uprising, the USSR trained bears to be combatants. Like attack dogs, war bears were raised since they were cubs to be ferocious and obedient guard animals. With their size and strength, they can easily kill any enemy infantry.

The Soviet Union is also rumored to conduct genetic experiments with these bears. Once, commanders reported to see giant bears that destroyed their tanks and infantry very easily.


  • In The Shark and the Lure, Tanya killed multiple bears to provide safe passage for Allied spies.
  • In Circus of Treachery, bears were held captive by the Imperials but were freed.
  • In To Tame a Living God, a single conscript and war bear tried to kill the Emperor but killed a fake and got captured. This distraction allows Apocalypse Tanks and MCVs to move in.


Amplified Roar The War Bear has a roar which has been amplified by sonic technology. This ability will temporarily stun all infantry in a small vicinity around the bear.



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