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The War Bear (Red Alert iPhone) is one of the Soviet Union's most proudest animals in their division. When the Post-War Crisis began, they were considered by Romanov as "anti-infantry" units and the bears actually replaced the Attack dogs of the Third World War, including the Psychic Dominator Disaster in 1972 against both the Allies and later, Yuri's Army as the common enemy behind the Premier's murder and betrayal to the motherland, herself.

Post-War Crisis

The Soviets were users of these bears against the Allied Forces and later, the Empire of the Rising Sun which wasn't heard of from Premier Romanov and Bronislav. War Bears were considered anti-infantry units by Romanov since an investigation into Maxim Novikov doing his experiments with the Japanese on a Mobile Construction Vehicle. The bears all served in the Soviet campaign, defeating the Allies in one clean shot from the beginning to an end at Moscow where the Allies failed to capture both Time Machines, but killed Bronislav using an Apocalypse tank driven by Special Agent Tanya who survived her death from these vehicles at a Battle lab during one important mission.


When Romanov disappeared, Anatoly Cherdenko assassinated Einstein and becomes the new Soviet Premier. Before his invasion on Europe to defeat the Allied Nations, he reorganised the motherland by selling half of the Soviets' arsenal to companies contributing his moments in crushing European hearts. He putted the War Bears straight into the Ministry of Experimental Science in Omsk, but moved the company straight to Moscow for a standard reason.

The War Bear was redisplayed and when Imperial forces were near Moscow, they had the War Bears put in prison cages for the circus under Shinzo Nagama and Yuriko Omega, herself. The War Bears were first deployed there for the very first time in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 since their debut in Red Alert iPhone.

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