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For other buildings of this type, see war factory.

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The war factory was the Soviet Union's vehicle production building used during the Third World War and The Uprising.


Unlike its Allied and Imperial counterpart, the war factory is only responsible for constructing vehicles, and is not equipped with repair drones, so a crusher crane needs to be built in order to repair vehicles.

Produced vehicle

Icon Unit Requirements Cost Build time
RA3 Soviet Ore Collector Icons.png Ore collector none 1400 0:20
RA3 Sputnik Icons.png Sputnik none 1200 0:20
RA3 Terror Drone Icons.png Terror drone none 600 0:05
RA3 Sickle Icons.png Sickle none 900 0:10
RA3 Bullfrog Icons.png Bullfrog none 900 0:10
RA3U Reaper Icons.png Reaper
(Uprising only)
Super reactor 1200 0:10
RA3 Hammer Tank Icons.png Hammer tank Super reactor 1000 0:10
RA3U Grinder Icons.png Grinder
(Uprising only)
Super reactor 1600 0:15
RA3 V4 Rocket Launcher Icons.png V4 rocket launcher Battle lab 1200 0:10
RA3 Apocalypse Tank Icons.png Apocalypse tank Battle lab 2000 0:20
RA3 Soviet MCV Icons.png MCV none 5000 1:00

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