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Gen2 Gameicon.png
Gen2 Warlord Cameo.png
Warlord tank
G2 Ingame Warlord.png
Affiliation G2 Logo APA.png Asia-Pacific Alliance
Role Main battle tank
Armament Twin cannons
Tier 1
Hit points 610
Armor type Heavy Mechanical 6
Cost $990
Produced by War factory
Hotkey Q
Ground attack 40 (Bonus: 30 vs. Light)
Cooldown 1.50
Speed 9.00
Attack range 35.00
Gen2 Gameicon.png The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Where's the fight?
- Warlord tank

The Warlord tank is the main battle tank of the Asia-Pacific Alliance. An improvement over its Chinese predecessor, it is armed with powerful twin cannons.


When selected

  • Medium cannon tank!
  • Where is the fight?
  • Anything on radar?

When ordered to move

  • This is the way!
  • My kind of war!
  • Rolling...


  • The Warlord tank bears considerable resemblance to real life Russian prototype "Black Eagle" tank.


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