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The warp chasm was the Scrin's epic unit construction facility in Kane's Wrath.

Game structure[]

The warp chasm was a much larger version of the warp sphere. In addition to standard Scrin vehicles, it was capable of teleporting in the Eradicator hexapod, the Scrin epic unit. Unlike the other epic unit production structures, the warp chasm has a visual cue when it is producing an Eradicator: its arches close together, and the wormhole at its center grows to a much larger size compared to when producing a standard vehicle.


See Warp sphere § Production for all standard Scrin vehicles

Global Conquest[]

In Global Conquest, the warp chasm is a strategic structure that costs $6000 and allows the construction of strike forces that contain an Eradicator hexapod in the base where the warp chasm is built. Unlike many of the other strategic structures, it does have physical presence at a base when players use the real-time function during the battle phase.


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