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CNCTW Warp Sphere Cameo.png
Warp Sphere

TW Warp Sphere.png

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Internal name AlienGateway
Affiliation CNCKW Scrin logo.png Scrin
CNCKW Reaper-17 logo.png Reaper-17
CNCKW Traveler-59 Logo.png Traveler-59
Role Vehicle production and maintenance
Tier 1
Hit points 10000
Armor type Medium (75% Cannon, 50% Rocket, 100% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper)
Cost $2000
Build time 0:20
Produced by Drone platform
Requires Reactor
Hotkey F4
Power -6



Abilities CNCTW Reconstruction Drones Cameo.png Reconstruction Drones

The Warp Sphere was the Scrin vehicle production structure seen during the Third Tiberium War.


The Warp Sphere creates a gateway capable of teleporting Scrin vehicles. It contains drones that repair damaged vehicles and infantry within range and can also deploy reconstruction drones when necessary[1].

Game structure

As with the relationship between the war factory and tech center, Warp Spheres may only bring forth the most basic of Scrin vehicles without a Nerve Center and/or Technology Assembler nearby. With a Technology Assembler present on the battlefield Scrin Foremen may even call for towering Annihilator or Reaper Tripods to be teleported in. Owing to their size and complexity, larger Scrin vehicles take longer to materialise, as well as costing more Tiberium. They repair units as well.

Produced units

Icon Unit Requirements Ability
CNCTW Gun Walker Cameo.png Gun walker Scrin and T-59 Uncombine with Buzzers
CNCKW Shard Walker Cameo.png Shard walker R-17 Uncombine with Buzzers
CNCTW Seeker Cameo.png Seeker none Uncombine with Buzzers
CNCTW Scrin Harvester Cameo.png Harvester Extractor
Scrin and T-59
Carries four sets of Tiberium potions in four slides
CNCKW Shielded Harvester Cameo.png Shielded harvester Extractor
Carries four sets of Tiberium potions in four slides
CNCTW Devourer Tank Cameo.png Devourer tank Nerve center
Scrin and R-17
Uncombine with Buzzers
Conversion Beam
CNCTW Corrupter Cameo.png Corrupter Nerve center Uncombine with Buzzers
CNCTW Annihilator Tripod Cameo.png Annihilator tripod Technology assembler
Scrin and T-59
Uncombine with Buzzers
CNCKW Reaper Tripod Cameo.png Reaper tripod Technology assembler
Conversion Beam
Uncombine with Buzzers
CNCKW Mechapede Cameo.png Mechapede Technology assembler Spawn Shard Segment
Spawn Toxin Segment
Spawn Disintegrator Segment
Spawn Disc Segment

Support powers provided

Icon Support power Description
CNCTW Reconstruction Drones Cameo.png Reconstruction Drones For a modest fee of $1500 credits, the Scrin can activate a flock of 10 Reconstruction Drones anywhere on the map that function similar to the drones on a Warp Sphere by repairing nearby Scrin vehicles. The drones last 1:00. This power takes 1:30 to recharge.


  • The Warp sphere is called "Gateway" in the game's source files.
    • In a voice clip in the mission Sydney City Wall, Nod soldiers can be heard referring to a Warp sphere as a Gateway (though the subtitle says "Warp Sphere").


  1. Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars manual. Los Angeles, California: Electronic Arts Los Angeles, 2007.
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