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Washington, District of Columbia, is the capital city of the United States of America. Founded in 1790, the city is a federal district, making it distinct from any states in the Union. Named after the leader of American forces during the American Revolution, George Washington, the city is the home of the highest levels of American government and military, as well as many important historic landmarks. It is labelled as a command center.

Tiberium universe[]

As one of the GDI member nations, the United States was an enemy of Nod since the First Tiberium War, and its capital city has long been a target. Seth, Kane's second in command, ordered a rival commander on a suicide mission on the Pentagon, immediately before Kane killed Seth and rescinded the orders. There was even evidence suggesting that the White House was a potential target for a Nod plan involving stealing command of GDI's Ion Cannon.

As the lines between nations grew less distinct as the Tiberium Age advanced, Washington became an important stronghold for GDI. Alongside Reykjavik and the GDSS Philadelphia, the Pentagon became one of the three central command headquarters of GDI.

During the Third Tiberium War, following the destruction of the Philadelphia and capture of Reykjavik, Washington became the sole remaining seat of GDI military command, and even more important in the early struggles between GDI and Nod. Washington, and the surrounding areas in Blue Zone B-2 marked the first major test for both GDI and Nod since the Second Tiberium War.

Nod struck first, destroying Andrews AFB, besieging Langley, and capturing Hampton Roads and the White House. Many GDI soldiers' morale broke upon seeing Nod banners flying from one of the most well-known monuments of the Western World. Finally, in a planned coup de grace, the brilliant Nod commander behind many of the previous actions shattered GDI forces just north of Washington, who had been futilely holding out for reinforcements. The commander was later transferred to Brazil to safeguard certain Nod experiments, and in what appeared to be a huge tactical error, the final nail in GDI's coffin, the assault on the Pentagon, was commanded by a less competent officer.

GDI struck back. A commander managed to successfully turn the tide of the Pentagon assault, and GDI immediately planned a reprisal. Liberating Hampton Roads and Langley AFB, the commander then recaptured the White House, an act cheered on by all GDI personnel and the international media. While this victory rallied GDI forces across the globe, the hero of the battle was silently sent to Egypt, to strike Nod's WMD production and launch facilities, hopefully before more weapons could be launched.

As an interesting note, though the Nod commander who had spearheaded the assault and the GDI commander who took back the city never directly fought each other during the campaign, both became legendary amongst their factions. This culminated in the Nod Commander taking his place in Kane's Inner Circle by capturing a Scrin Gateway, and the GDI Commander being given the ultimate choice; whether or not to use a devastating Liquid Tiberium Bomb during the final attack that ended the Scrin Threat.

Red Alert universe[]

In the opening days of Third World War, the city was attacked by the Soviet Union. In a show of defiance, President Dugan and others remained in the besieged city to conduct the defence of the United States. As a result, they came under the control of a Psychic Beacon deployed by the Soviets when they captured the city. A small taskforce comprised of those who were immune to mind control was sent to destroy the Beacon and rescue the President and the joint chiefs from Washington and evacuated them to Canada. The city remained under Soviet occupation except for scattered area of resistance, mainly around the Pentagon.

During Operation Liberty, an Allied assault force secured the Pentagon with the help of Einstein's new Prism Towers and drove the Soviets from the city.

Soviet perspective[]

RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.

In the alternate timeline of Third World War, in which the Soviets gained the upper hand, Washington D.C. became the headquarter of General Vladimir who oversaw the Soviet occupation of the United States. As the internal power struggle between himself and Yuri intensified, Vladimir fortified the city and gathered an army of troops loyal to himself. When Yuri framed Vladimir for Romanov's assassination and called for his elimination, the disgraced general retreated to his stronghold and directed the defense of the city from the White House. During Operation Desecration, forces loyal to Yuri battled forces loyal to Vladimir for control of the city. Eventually Yuri's forces gained the upper hand and General Vladimir was captured in the White House.


Behind the scenes[]

  • The area surrounding the White House has been recreated very accurately and true to life, limited only by the underlying engine. The reflecting pool and the monuments are in the correct places, and the Constitution Gardens and other landmarks can be clearly identified.

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