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The Wave-Force Tower is the Empire of the Rising Sun's advanced base defense structure.

Game structure[]

Each Wave-Force Tower is equipped with a powerful Wave-Force cannon, capable of piercing through multiple enemies at once. They also have a very long range, and can even target submerged naval vessels.

However, they need to recharge for a period of time between each shot. Though they can fire a shot before it fully charges to destroy weak enemies with the Premature Discharge ability. Also, since it is constantly recharging, it can fire the first shot immediately without having to charge first.

Much like any other Imperial structure, Tower Cores are extremely vulnerable, and must be protected as they are directed to the desired build location. They are also quite power hungry, and require a large number of Instant generators to support them.



Wave-Force Towers are strong, long-ranged towers, suited for sniper work against advancing tank columns or naval brigades. They will always fire the intial shot, at full charge, before having to build-up subsequent attacks. Take that in mind to utilise closer ranged weapons as the tower does so.


Like other advanced base defenses, Wave-Force Towers are completely defenseless against aircraft, and need to be complemented by anti-air units or structures. They are also outranged by artillery units, such as Dreadnoughts and Aircraft Carriers.

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