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The weapons factory was a GDI vehicle production structure during the First Tiberium War.

In-Game building

The Weapons factory is a production structure essential for producing vehicles, only one unit may be built at a time in the build queue. The more weapons factories will be built, owned and maintained, the faster vehicles will be produced.


Icon Unit Requirements Ability
TD APC Icons.png APC Barracks

Transport 5 infantry

TD Harvester Icons.png Harvester Tiberium refinery
  • Collects tiberium
  • Self-repair
TD Humvee Icons.png Humvee none


TD Medium Tank Icons.png Medium tank none


TD Mammoth Tank Icons.png Mammoth tank Repair facility
  • Can engage ground and air targets
  • Self-repair
TD Rocket Launcher Icons.png MLRS Advanced communications center

Can engage ground and air targets

TD MCV Icons.png MCV Advanced communications center

Deploys into a construction yard


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