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Weather the Storm is the eleventh and penultimate GDI mission of Tiberian Sun.[1]

EVA briefing

BE ADVISED: Kane is determined to destroy you. He knows the Kodiak cannot lift off during an ion storm and has chosen this moment to attack. The Kodiak must be protected until the storm abates. The storm will interfere with certain types of equipment so expect some malfunction.

  • Objective One: Protect the Kodiak at all costs.
  • Objective Two: Destroy all Nod forces.


The Banshee prototype facility had been destroyed. Unfortunately, Umagon had been captured by Nod forces and brought before Kane himself. McNeil was determined to rescue Umagon, but the Kodiak had been grounded in an ion storm.


Kodiak grounded during the ion storm

Kane used the ion storm to his advantage and ordered nearby Nod forces to destroy the Kodiak. McNeil had managed to deploy his troops beforehand and prepared to establish his base surrounding the ship. Cut off from the Philadelphia because of the storm, GDI reinforcements would not be expected.

However, the defense of the Kodiak would be difficult since the ion storm interfered with certain types of equipment such as radar, the Hover MLRS, and the Orca fighter, rendering them useless. What was worse was the fact that with the radar out, Nod would be able to launch stealth and siege attacks effectively without warning, even without its air arsenal. Luckily for McNeil, the EMP Cannon was still functioning properly so he used this to great effect on the Nod artillery while the Titans took care of the rest.

With the Kodiak relatively secured, McNeil sent out his Disruptors to locate and destroy the Nod forces. Although the ion storm also left Nod's infamous Obelisks of Light offline, McNeil still needed to deploy his Mobile Sensor Array to detect the cloaked base. Having detected the base, the Disruptors destroyed Nod's production facilities, preventing them from attacking the Kodiak again.


Once the ion storm subsided, the Kodiak took off before more Nod reinforcements arrived. Ghost Stalker would later contact McNeil that he located Kane and Umagon in Cairo, with Nod about to launch their World Altering Missile, leading to the final battle in Egypt.



EM pulse (mission accomplished cinematic)


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