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RA2Sovietlogo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.
In their final desperate hours, the Allies have managed to produce one last bit of super-technology. They have a Weather Control Device which they can use to create terrible storms that can sink our fleets and level our cities. We believe they have hidden their doomsday weapon in the isolated US Virgin Islands.
- Mission briefing

Operation: Weathered Alliance is the tenth mission in the Soviet campaign of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.[1]


With most of the world under direct control of the USSR, there were still loose ends to tie up. As Yuri reminisced about his past, he revealed to the Commander that one man was responsible for the Allies' technological superiority - Albert Einstein. His latest invention, the Weather control device, posed a significant threat to the Soviet war machine, so he ordered its destruction. Countering it, Zofia "took" a nuclear authorization (most likely from Vladimir) to the commander.

Force composition

The Soviets had a small outpost used for monitoring the allies, but they still needed to reinforce it. They eventually deployed a large fleet to bombard the allies. In addition, they brought a large force of tanks and a few squads of infantry. The base itself needed to be defended against attacks, so the USSR used many defense structures. Yuri also granted the Commander a Nuclear Missile Silo and Giant Squids for the Commander's assaults.

The Allies had been beaten by the Soviets many times, and most of their armies were destroyed. However, they had grouped large forces around both of the superweapons. They managed to deploy a large navy, along with battalions of infantry and armor on land. In fact, they were even able to use many squads of Rocketeers and Navy SEALs. Their bases were surrounded by Pillboxes, Prism Towers, and Patriot Missiles. Despite all the defense, the Weather Control Device itself was not yet online.

Key units

RA2 Nuclear Missile Silo Icons.png RA2 Dreadnought Icons.png RA2 Giant Squid Icons.png


The mission here was simple - capture the Battle Lab and nuke the enemy device controlled by the Americans. The Soviets set up a base on a small island, enough to build some basic infrastructure. They established a base along with resourcing and began building a navy - some Dreadnoughts, supported by Typhoon attack submarines and Sea Scorpions. The scout party discovered two things: a dreadnought nearby and an island far east from the position, resource loaded with tech repair station.

The Americans seemed pretty passive, except for harassment raids at your flanks. However, they were preparing a fleet to attack the Soviet position, so it was imperative that the Soviets prepared a proper defense. However, the USSR needed to prepare for their own assault as well. Once they were ready, they bombed the landing zone and deployed a force - ten Apocalypse Tanks and Flak Tracks with engineers made up the bulk of the landing force.

Before capturing the lab, the Soviets built a Nuclear Missile Silo and waited for it to fully load. Once it was deployed, they captured the Battle Lab and nuked the device. Easy pickings! If Allied tech tree is available, Chronosphere is accessible.


Your strategic skills are becoming legendary. It is openly said among the men that it is you alone that will bring them victory.
- The mission debriefing when played faster than at par time
The Allies cannot hold out much longer against your heavy-handed assaults. You use the lives of your men well.
- The mission debriefing when played slower than at par time

With the Soviet Union in control for most of the world, the Americans without Carville or European forces were cornered into one last place where the Chronosphere was stationed. As the Red Army began to turn the Commander into a legend, Yuri realized the threat the Commander would be if the latter would challenge the psychic Premier for power, so Yuri decided to congratulate the Commander in person at Moscow. However, a tape arrived for the Soviet Commander to see...



  • Easily eliminate the beach guards using the Nuke Silo.
  • Build a force to capture the Allied base.
  • There is a Psi Commando on the northern Repair Outpost.
  • Use both Soviet and captured Allied force to smash the whole base down.
  • There are 2 Repair Outposts, one in east of the base, and other is in the north, near the Psi Commando.
  • There is a Dreadnought southwest of the base.


  • The photo of Yuri with Stalin in the intro cutscene is actually an altered photo of Joseph Stalin with Vladimir Lenin.
  • The player cannot build a Nuclear Reactor in this mission even though they can build a Nuclear Missile Silo.
  • Even though the player needs more than one nuke attack to destroy the Weather Control Device normally, the player can one-shot the Weather Control Device in this mission.
    • The Device usually uses concrete armor has 1000HP, but here it's wood armor with 200HP.
  • Westwood added a trigger in the event players capture or enter the Weather Control Device instead of or before destroying it; this is not possible here since it hasn't been modified to allow that, nor are spies buildable in this mission. The trigger's condition is "Entered by House# 13 Player". The trigger does the same as the ordinary WCD Destroyed trigger, but it also sets Global Variable 7 before letting you win.
    • Global Variable 7 (which is labelled SmithCastle Destroyed) has no impact whatsoever on the campaign; its state is never inquired by any trigger, so it must've been scrapped early on.
  • Westwood extended this map, and either added 5 cell rows to the bottom or to the top. As a result the base nodes for the Battle Lab base are misplaced by 5 cells upwards of where they're supposed to be.
    • As-is, the AI will probably try and fail to build the things on cliff, sloped and water tiles because that's just how the nodes are placed.
  • The "first" time the Lightning Storm charges is 5 in-game minutes before attacking, and afterwards it needs 10 in-game minutes to re-charge.
    • The "first" time lightning storms are formed not via the Storm SuperWeapon, but via map triggers (a big clue is the countdown/timer being colored red rather than blue or grey (like the device itself) plus the fact that having multiple superweapons essentially doing the same thing isn't possible in RA2YR without engine-extensions or modifications with how hard-coded the superweapon system is).
  • The countdown is actually a Mission Timer, lasting 300s and takes its Timer Text from the WCD's SW name string Name:Storm. It can't be stopped though a mission win will end the scenario.
    • 275s after timer starts, a cutscene plays.
      • When Mission Timer Expires (300s) multiple Lightning Storm Strikes (essentially Storm SW) are supposed to happen.
        • Their locations: at the starting Reactor and Radar; at the entrance to the Lab island; at the entrance to second enemy base; just a bit off the first island with the Outpost and gems; to the South-West of the second Outpost, just a bit off the northern beach.
        • Once trigger WCD_Attack_fake fires, it enables WCD_Enabled_real, which waits for 5s before setting Local variable 4 WCD Power On. That finally fires the trigger that changes the WCD's Owner from Other3House to BadGuy3 House. If he's still got enough power, the real Lightning Storm SW will finally start charging...



Yuri's intel on giant squids and dolphins
Zofia's warning on an upcoming weather storm


  1. Westwood Pacific, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. Soviet mission 10: "Operation: Weathered Alliance".
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