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As the Brotherhood splinter in the aftermaths of my... "Death", our technology are left to rot, years of research are stranded by the wayside. My spies have located an abandoned GDI Research Facility with our stealth technology, captured long ago, sits idle. Neither exploited nor understood by those narrow-minded fools. Reclaim it for the Brotherhood.
- Kane

What is Rightfully Ours is the second mission of Kane's Wrath.[1]


Following the Rio Insurrection, the splinter factions in South America rejoined Nod. However, Kane explained to the mysterious Nod commander that they follow not out of faith, but out of fear, and more would be needed to bring the other factions into fold.

He then introduced Marcion, the leader of the new Black Hand, who was manipulated by GDI to kill Anton Slavik, Kane's successor and the original Black Hand leader. Marcion then took his forces into the Australian Outback, denouncing Kane and proclaiming himself as the true leader of Nod. Kane informed the Nod commander that since he could not reveal himself yet, he would use Marcion as a puppet to lead the Black Hand. He ordered the Nod commander to capture Marcion and "persuade him".

However, much of the Brotherhood's technology had been lost since Nod's defeat during the Second Tiberium War, so Kane ordered the Nod commander to first raid a Brotherhood stealth technology archive maintained by the GDI's Steel Talons division, which happened to be located in Australia as well.

Under the Nod commander, three Nod hovercraft landed on the coast of Australia, close to the base. Not long after the Nod forces established a base, their presense was detected by a Steel Talons Commander, who sent a taunting message to the Nod commander before sending his forces against the Nod base.

After fending off the Steel Talons forces, including the Titan Mk. II, Wolverine, and Behemoth walkers, Nod forces broke through the Steel Talons' defenses. A saboteur captured the lab, uploading its data to the Brotherhood central server. In an attempt to deny Nod the stealth technology, Steel Talons forces attempted to destroy the lab, but Nod forces held off the attacks long enough for the upload to complete.

Having accomplished their objective, Kane ordered the Nod commander to retreat, saying that they cannot withstand the Steel Talons much longer, but promised that they shall one day return.


At the start of the mission, immediately start building laser turrets north of your base. You need at least three to protect it from the Steel Talons' walkers. Do not try to expand or capture the Tiberium spike to the east yet.

The mission would be easier if the northwestern base was destroyed before the lab is captured. If done successfully, very few reinforcements would arrive in the 2nd part of the mission, making the bonus objective (which is the lab should not be heavily damaged during the upload) easily attainable.

Valuable assets

  • There are 2 Tiberium spikes to the east of your base.  However be sure to protect them as Steel Talon Patrols will detect and destroy them.
  • There are other Tiberium Spikes in the vicinity.  Notably 1 just to the south of the Steel Talon Base, 2 surrounded by cliffs to the east of the Steel Talon Base (which you will need to airlift Saboteurs to) and 1 in the center of the area.




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