What is Rightfully Ours

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What is Rightfully Ours
GDI Covert Research.jpg
The GDI research facility, guarded by the Steel Talons
Previous Rio Insurrection
Next Persuade Him
Part of Second Nod Reunification War
Date(s) 2034
Location Australian coast
Nod recovers their stealth technology and retreats on Kane's orders
  • Recover the stealth technology held at the GDI lab
  • Eliminate the Nod forces
  • Destroy GDI lab

Standard Nod arsenal

Nod is resurgent, but remains weak in the face of GDI's vast technological superiority. The Brotherhood Archives were all but destroyed in the aftermath of the Second Tiberium War, leaving Kane without access to his centuries of research.

Paradoxically, our friends at GDI have provided a most convenient solution. An exact duplicate of our stealth databank, origin unknown, is under analysis at a covert GDI Research Facility on the Australian Coast.

Reclaim what is ours.
- Mission briefing

What is Rightfully Ours is the second mission of Kane's Wrath. LEGION is tasked by Kane with reclaiming the Brotherhood of Nod's stealth technology from a covert GDI research facility in Australia.[1]


As the Brotherhood splinter in the aftermaths of my... "Death", our technology are left to rot, years of research are stranded by the wayside. My spies have located an abandoned GDI Research Facility with our stealth technology, captured long ago, sits idle. Neither exploited nor understood by those narrow-minded fools. Reclaim it for the Brotherhood.
- Kane

In the aftermath of the Second Tiberium War, the Brotherhood Archives were all but destroyed, and centuries of research along with it, leaving Nod powerless against the technologically superior GDI. Fortunately for Kane, GDI maintained a duplicate of Nod's stealth database in a covert research facility on the Australian coast. And Kane ordered LEGION to reclaim the database in order to bolster his forces.


Attention! Attention, you fanatical scum! Yeah, you didn't think you'd go undetected, did you? This is GDI, Steel Talons territory. We don't take too kindly to you Nod types around here. You'd best get praying to that corpse Prophet of yours, because you don't stand a chance in hell.
- Steel Talons Commander to Nod forces.

LEGION's forces landed and established a forward base, remaining relativley unnoticed until the Steel Talons, who were in charge of the region detected them, and launched an assault. The Steel Talons were quickly shown the truth of their own arrogance, and were pushed back, contrary to a previous transmission sent to LEGION by a commander of the Steel Talons. The Brotherhood managed to reclaim the cache of databanks, and defended the lab until it was uploaded to the Brotherhood's main servers. Kane then quickly ordered LEGION to retreat, realizing that this stubborn and powerful base was only a portion of the Steel Talons' territory.


The mission would be easier if the northwestern base was destroyed before the lab is captured. If done successfully, very few reinforcements would arrive in the 2nd part of the mission, making the bonus objective (which is the lab should not be heavily damaged during the upload) easily attainable.

Valuable assets

  • There are 2 Tiberium spikes to the east of your base.  However be sure to protect them as Steel Talon Patrols will detect and destroy them.
  • There are other Tiberium Spikes in the vicinity.  Notably 1 just to the south of the Steel Talon Base, 2 surrounded by cliffs to the east of the Steel Talon Base (which you will need to airlift Saboteurs to) and 1 in the center of the area.


We cannot withstand this "Steel Talons" onslaught for too long. Arrogant their Commander may be, but even with his aging weapons he has us outgunned. Disengage my child, before all our hard earned data is lost. We shall return…
- Kane, ordered LEGION to retreat.

Having recaptured the stealth technology, Kane was able to create the stealth tank. He then ordered LEGION to capture Marcion alive...




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