More spacecraft have crashed on this island than in all science-fiction feature films combined, so we could definitely use it. We strongly advise you to keep moving while engaging the Soviet resistance movement's favorite sweetheart Vera in this particular location, since the Soviets use it to test the reliability of their satellite-decommissioning systems. In other words, watch the skies--it doesn't take our world-leading surveillance systems to know you don't want the Soviets to dump all their space-trash on top of you.
- Mission briefing

Where Satellites Go To Die is a Commander's Challenge mission where the Futuretech Commander successfully defeated Nikolai Moskvin previously and told Kelly Weaver that he got an unlocked tech, the Tesla Trooper. Commander Vera Belova is up next to defeat him, who wanted vengeance over Mosvkin's defeat. She tells him that her region consists Oil Derricks for the Commander, but has to use cover against the technology his enemy will be using: Mortar Cycles.


In Where Satellites Go To Die, Vera Belova kept coming with Mortar Cycles to defeat FutureTech and the defenders later defeated all the artillery cyclists, but destroying the Soviet War Factory in the eradication of Belova's forces.

Challenge Information

Map Used: Mir's Landing

Map Settings

  • Starting Cash: 10,000
  • Uniqueness of the map: Orbital drops are being constantly used. There is constantly Orbital Downpour being used in the middle of the map, the Orbital Drop is dropped on the sides, but not on the bases and the water.


A good air force or naval artillery is good for this mission, as they're not affected by the Orbital Drops. Also prefer Guardian tanks over Multigunner Turrets here (use them for defense only).

Tricky way to get under par time:

Best faction: Empire of the Rising Sun by doing the dojo rush.

Spam Wave-Force Artillery protected by 4 King Onis

Intro screen WSGTD
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