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The White House is the residence and the office building of the Presidents of the United States of America.


Completed in 1800, the White House was subsequently burned during the War of 1812, and largely rebuilt from the ground up. During the presidencies afterwards, a number of additions and renovations have taken place.

As it was home to the American President, it was used to colloquially refer to the highest echelons of the American government.

Tiberium universe[]

First Tiberium War[]

CNCR NodLogo The following is based on the Nod campaign of Tiberian Dawn and might contradict canon.

When Nod forces hijacked control of GDI's Ion Cannon following their conquest of South Africa during the First Tiberium War, the White House was considered as a potential target. However at the time that Nod hacked into the Ion Cannon network, President Robert Fielding was safely at Camp David. Should the Nod Commander choose to strike the White House, W3N would report on the building's destruction and subsequent political fallout, stating that the estimated death toll passed 600 during its broadcast. Despite the attack being done by a GDI superweapon and the growing opposition to GDI policies, President Fielding would reiterate his support and labelled the attack a "mind-numbing accident".[1]

Third Tiberium War[]

CNCTW The White House Cameo

The White House has not served much else of a purpose after the US was subsumed into GDI. It became largely relegated to being a monument to the democratic, Western-style government that GDI embodied and a major tourist spot.[2][3]

During the Third Tiberium War, Nod launched an assault on Washington, D.C., with intelligence officer Ajay advising that the White House be captured. The loss of GDI's precious "tourist trap", as cynical Nod forces called it,[3] would demoralize the already reeling GDI presence in the region. In truth, many GDI soldiers were shocked to see Nod banners flying from one of their most important symbols.[4]

During GDI's counter-offensive in the Northeastern Blue Zone, the recapture of the White House was put off, in favor of more vitally needed strategic offenses. However, once the Pentagon, Langley AFB, and Hampton Roads naval base were secured, Acting Director Boyle deemed it necessary to retake the White House to drive Nod forces out of Washington.[5] In a well planned raid with Firehawk support, a GDI commander managed to retake the White House for GDI by using the newly introduced Predator tanks. After GDI was victorious, GDI troops removed the Nod banners on the White House and replaced them with GDI banners, indicating that the tide has turned.[4]


Red Alert universe[]

Third World War (first iteration)[]

In the early days of the Third World War, Washington, D.C. was attacked by the Soviets. Despite the invasion, President Dugan remained at the White House in defiance and conducted the defense of the mainland US from there. However, Yuri's Psychic Corps managed to deploy a Psychic Beacon in the President's Park, bringing the President, General Carville, and the population under Soviet mind control. In response, a task force consisting of unaffected Allied units in the city and led by the Allied Commander eliminated the Soviet elements around the White House and destroyed the Beacon, freeing the President and the city. President Dugan was then evacuated from the White House by air, not before promising the Commander a big promotion.[6] The White House would remain captured by the Soviets until the city's liberation by the Allies in Operation Liberty.

RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.
I sense that he is holed up here at the White House, home of the corrupt.
- Yuri(src)

While Washington, D.C. was under Soviet occupation, the White House became the residence and headquarters of General Vladimir.


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