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Will Made Flesh
Activating the Marked of Kane
Previous Tacitus Interruptus
Next Tacitus Regained
Part of Post-Third Tiberium War
Date(s) 2052
Location Russia
Marked of Kane army awakened
  • Activate the Marked of Kane.
  • Defend the activation nodes from GDI.
  • Repel Nod forces.
  • Do not let the Marked of Kane awake.
CNC3 GDI logo.png Unknown

Full Nod arsenal

  • Marked of Kane
Full GDI arsenal
...In bunkers deep beneath the earth, in a red zone in Russia and South East Asia, a sleeping Army awaits your call. They are the Marked of Kane. They are devoted to the prophecy and sacrificed their minds and bodies to our cause. Half human, half machine, they have been dormant since the end of the Second Tiberium War. They need but one thing: someone to give them purpose, someone to give them life!...
- Kane, detailing the Marked to LEGION, 2052

Will Made Flesh is the penultimate mission of the Nod campaign of Kane's Wrath.


The Tacitus

The securing of Threshold 19 brought Kane's vision of Ascension closer to fruition but the Tacitus remained beyond the Brotherhood's grasp. Despite LEGION's efforts in 2048, GDI managed to regain the Tacitus and the device remained in their possession at the end of the war. GDI's study of the Tacitus led to a critical destabilization of the data matrix such that most research was suspended. Kane feared GDI would destroy the device.

The Marked of Kane

When I first dreamt of the Marked of Kane, I knew only you my child could guide and direct them. I have... freed them, from the burden of autonomy. Some await you in hidden vaults deep beneath the Earth, others walk amongst the living, completely unaware of their secret destiny. This sleeping army must be awakened, you must claim the cybernetic nodes that control them. Claim the nodes and the Tacitus.
- Kane to LEGION.

The reawakening of LEGION in 2052 was the answer to Kane's dilemma. Kane revealed to the AI the existence of the Marked of Kane, a cybernetic army left dormant after the Second Tiberium War for want of a suitable control entity. LEGION was directed to activate the army and then use it to secure the Tacitus.

Hope these Marked of Kane aren't too…weird
- Militia 1

The Marked were in two groups: those inactive in bunkers and those unwittingly leading normal lives under assumed identities. Regardless all would respond to an activation process coordinated from a cluster of four cybernetic control nodes in Russia. LEGION was sent to secure the nodes. A nearby GDI base responded to the Nod incursion. LEGION was warned that the activation sequence could be disrupted if the nodes were damaged.

Behold! For I shall open the vault and cause them to arise unto the land and they shall be Legion!" My prophecies are as truth for you are now one with the Marked of Kane, they are the embodiment of your will. An army of the deathless, the enlightened, the redeemed. Take them, use them, bring me the Tacitus.
- Kane to LEGION when the cyborgs emerged from their vaults.

Despite GDI resistance the activation process succeeded. Cyborgs emerged from their vaults and came under LEGION's control. With the new army secured it was time for the Nod to reclaim the Tacitus.


You start out with a decent home base. You will have to build up your base to defend yourself against the GDI. You will need 4 saboteurs to capture the nodes. Once the nodes are captured, you can either build a small expansion base around each of them, or gather a big enough force to defend them. You will have to defend the nodes for about 4:00 mins. Meanwhile, you can destroy the GDI base and any patrols around. Keep an eye out for additional GDI bases and Tiberium Spikes.

Valuable assets

There are some Tiberium Spikes out on the field, and some additional Tiberium fields if you might need additional resources.


Act III intro


  • During this mission, a Nod soldier can be overheard saying "Cyborgs, man! They freak me out!" This is a reference to the Tiberium Wars mission Cologne, in which a GDI soldier can be heard saying "Aliens, man! They freak me out!"
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