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Will Made Flesh is the penultimate mission in the campaign of Kane's Wrath.


The year is 2052. Five years after being critically damaged by Alexa Kovacs's computer virus, LEGION has finally reawakened. Kane explained to the AI that the Tacitus was responsible for waking it, and that the Brotherhood of Nod is a shadow of its former self after its apparent defeat during the Third Tiberium War. However, he also stated that this was the way it was meant to be, since "only the chosen few will be allowed into the promised land."

Kane then revealed to LEGION the Marked of Kane, a cyborg army hidden in underground bunkers in Red Zones in Russia and South East Asia, having remained dormant since the Second Tiberium War. He tasked LEGION to awaken them and give them purpose.


The GDI base at the center of the map

You start out with a decent home base. You will have to build up your base to defend yourself against the GDI. You will need 4 saboteurs to capture the nodes. Once the nodes are captured, you can either build a small expansion base around each of them, or gather a big enough force to defend them. You will have to defend the nodes for about 4:00 mins. Meanwhile, you can destroy the GDI base and any patrols around. Keep an eye out for additional GDI bases and Tiberium Spikes.

Valuable assets

There are some Tiberium Spikes out on the field, and some additional Tiberium fields if you might need additional resources.


Act III intro


  • During this mission, a Nod soldier can be overheard saying "Cyborgs, man! They freak me out!" This is a reference to the Tiberium Wars mission Cologne, in which a GDI soldier can be heard saying "Aliens, man! They freak me out!"
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