William Frank

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William Frank
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Political information
Affiliation CNCTW W3N Logo.png W3N
Occupation Journalist, anchorman
Game information
Appearances Tiberium Wars
Actor John Huck

William Frank is the head reporter of the W3N, and its main anchorman at the time of the Third Tiberium War. Apart from announcing important events to viewers of the network, he also runs a show called The William Frank Hour, where he interviews influential figures, such as Director Redmond Boyle and one of the top Tiberium scientists Dr. Emel Ibrahiim.


It is likely William Frank is a progressive supporter of GDI General Granger. When interviewing Director Boyle he points out that the politician has little war experience. William Frank positively comments GDI's efforts led by General Granger as well as regarding Dr. Emel Ibrahim as a genius for her work and brilliant escape from Munich.

The William Frank Hour

The William Frank Hour is a W3N television program, in which, as the name suggested, William Frank, the lead editor and anchor of W3N interviewed important and influential figures of politics, economy and science. Among the invited guests were GDI Director Redmond Boyle and the leading Tiberium research specialist, Dr. Takeda. Even during the middle of the Third Tiberium War and Scrin Invasion, Frank managed to secure interviews with high ranking officials, including talking with Emel Ibrahiim shortly after her research team escaped New Eden.


There are two endings in the GDI campaign which featured William Frank announcing the end of the Scrin invasion. If the player elects to use the Liquid Tiberium Bomb to finish the aliens, William is seen to be dismayed that GDI would use such a weapon that had caused the instant deaths of 25 million people to achieve victory. However if the player destroys the relay node with conventional means and not use the bomb, William proudly exclaims the final GDI victory as simply 'stunning'.


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