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Wind of War
RAM Briefing Map A01.png
Next Planning Ahead
Game Red Alert Mobile
Player RAM Logo Allies.png Allied Nations
Opponent RAM Logo Soviets.png Soviet Union
  • Make contact with the allied base
  • Liberate the allied base
  • Neutralize all enemy presence in the area

Wind of War is the first Allied mission of Red Alert Mobile.[1]


  • Eva: Greetings, Commander! It’s a pleasure working with you again, Sir. We terminated your vacation because the situation is dire. The Soviets have resumed their attacks! Our intel is in the dark, and our defenses have been caught off-guard by the sudden aggression. The Soviet army gained considerable ground, and massive forces are heading towards Germany. We must slow them down while we prepare our counteroffensive.
  • Eva: Your orders are to reinforce an Allied base near the Danube.



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