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Wolf's in town.
- Wolf

The Wolf is a GDI Offense-class tank in Tiberian Twilight.


Built on an MBT-6 Predator chassis, the Wolf totes dual multi-barreled machineguns, attached to the sides of the gunner's cabin. It is a formidable foe for infantry and other light vehicles.

Game unit[]

The Wolf is the first anti-infantry vehicle available to the GDI Offense Class before the Bulldog is unlocked. It is available from the start and does not need to be unlocked.

Wolves are armed with two Gatling cannons. They deal Gun-type damage and are highly effective against the Light armour of infantry and light vehicles. They do, however, have a slight spin-up time. In addition, they deal no area-of-effect damage, unlike the Pitbull, which makes them better against tougher, less common light units such as commandos, light vehicles and heavy infantry.

Wolves, being based on the Predator chassis, have the Medium-type armour of most battle tanks and considerably better durability than most anti-infantry units. They are, however, quite vulnerable to Cannon attacks.

Wolves have a limited ammunition supply and must pause to reload when the ammo bar (beneath the HP bar) goes to 0. They can also be ordered to do a Manual Reload, with a significantly shorter pause.



  • Wolf's here, let's go.


  • Wolf's in town!
  • Gatling gun's all primed!
  • I'll be right here.
  • Yeah?
  • Make the call!
  • What do you got?
  • Anybody got a problem?
  • Ready when you are!


  • We're moving!
  • No hurry.
  • Time to move!
  • I'm good with that.
  • I'm going!
  • Let's take it there.
  • In time!
  • Moving along!
  • On my way!


  • Give 'em a gravestone!
  • Pour it on!
  • Burger time!
  • Dust 'em!
  • Put 'em down!
  • Give 'em hell!

Attacking Heavy Units[]

  • Guns on that thing? Alright...
  • We can try the guns...
  • Alright, let's give it a go.

Move to Attack[]

  • Heading to the front!
  • Time for a showdown!
  • No more waitin'!
  • I'll make the first move!
  • They've got hell to pay!
  • Spooling up!

In Combat[]

  • Just setting 'em straight!
  • They haven't had enough yet!
  • Keep those barrels humming!
  • We've got 'em cornered!
  • Not quitting til somebody goes down!
  • They had it coming!

Taking Fire[]

  • They're not letting up!
  • They got some nerve!
  • I don't like to be pushed!
  • Taking fire!
  • They're trying to make me mad!


  • Good idea, kid!
  • I'll take a pass for now.
  • Move it, boys!



  • It somewhat resembles the T-1 from the Terminator franchise, in both appearance and role.


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