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For other uses, see Wolverine.
CNCKW Wolverine Cameo.png Wolverine

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Internal name SteelTalonsWolverine
Affiliation CNCKW Steel Talons Logo.png Steel Talons
Role Anti-infantry recon walker
Armament Dual machine guns
Tier 1
Hit points 2000
Armor type Medium (100% Cannon, 75% Rocket, 75% Grenade, 50% Gun, 1% Sniper)
Cost $900
Build time 0:09
Produced by GDI war factory
Reclamator hub
Requires Command post
Hotkey F6
Ground attack
  • 216 (Gun) + 75% scalar to infantry
  • 532 (Gun) + 75% scalar to infantry (upgrade)
Cooldown 0.4 seconds per burst, 0.25 seconds between bursts
Speed 70
Attack range 200
Sight range Medium
Upgrades CNCKW AP Ammo Cameo.png AP Ammo
Abilities CNCTW GDI Call for Transport Cameo.png Call for transport
On the battlefield!
- A Wolverine upon assembly

The Wolverine is an anti-personnel walker used by the Steel Talons in Kane's Wrath.


Damn Wolverines! One of them took out my brother in 2023!
- Anonymous Nod soldier

The Wolverine anti-personnel walker entered service during the Second Tiberium War, and its presence continued to be felt on the battlefield late into the 2030s. Fast moving and lightly armored, the Wolverine could be considered a predecessor to GDI's current Zone Trooper and Zone Raider elite infantry, performing effectively both as a scout and as a powerful counter to Nod's fanatical hordes[1].


Call for transport
Call for transport If an Airfield is deployed, Wolverines can call in a V-35 Ox Transport for pickup for a small fee of $200. This ability has a 2 minute cooldown. (Ctrl+A)


CNCKW AP Ammo Cameo.png
AP ammo Equips the vehicle with AP ammo, increasing damage (Ctrl+S). Purchasable at any Command post for $2000 and takes 1:00 to research.


The Wolverine is the basic vehicle unit of the Steel Talons subfaction of GDI. Its speed and agility are perfectly balanced with a high rate of fire to create a lethal killing machine.

Due to its maneuverability, the Wolverine excels at flanking the enemy. It is small enough to go unnoticed by the untrained commander, but packs enough firepower and armor to hold its own in the field. It becomes particularly effective when mixed with Titans and Behemoths; the larger two can handle the larger units and structures while the Wolverine takes care of the soft targets. It is also a deterrent against Commandos, which can singlehandedly decimate an entire army of medium and heavy walkers with powerful explosives.

However, the Wolverine is not limited to the antipersonnel role. Due to its withering rate of fire, it can also take on light vehicles and some of the weaker structures; and when upgraded with armour piercing ammunition, its lethality is increased tenfold.


When created

  • Wolverine ready!
  • On the battlefield!
  • Primed!
  • Systems online!
  • Unit ready!

When selected

  • Wolverine ready!
  • At your command!
  • Awaiting orders!
  • Sir?
  • Yes, sir!
  • Ready!

When moving

  • Moving out!
  • Let get in there!
  • Got it!
  • Scouting!
  • Orders received!
  • On my way!
  • No problem!

When ordered to attack

  • Target vector confirmed!
  • Clear to engage!
  • Gun primed!
  • Seek and destroy!
  • High alert!
  • I'm on it!

When attacking

  • Target aquired!
  • Taking 'em out!
  • You got it!
  • Yes, sir!
  • Bring the pain!
  • Steel Talons rule!

In combat

  • Under fire!
  • Engaged!
  • In combat!
  • Taking damage!
  • Enemy inbound!

When retreating

  • Getting out!
  • Retreating!
  • There too many!
  • Taking heavy damage!
  • I'm gone...
  • We'll be back!
  • Steel Talons don't retreat!
  • I think I crapped my suit!
  • Can somebody hose down my suit?



  • The appearance of the Wolverine Mk. II heavily resembles Dreadnoughts from Warhammer 40,000.


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